Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bug!

Today was William's birthday - the big 4!
When he got up this morning he was so excited to tell me that he was now 4 years old.
"What happened to your 3?" I asked him.
He thot a minute and then said "It just disappeared."
So there you have it - being 3 disappeared and he is now my big 4 year old!

We've done some fun things to celebrate. Thursday (Pioneer Day) Rick had off work so we took the kids to Chuck E.Cheese and they had a blast playing. Friday we got a big boy haircut and then had his pictures taken. We went to lunch yesterday with Nana & Papa - not really for his birthday, but I think he thot it was. Today Nany & Papa came over for dinner and then cake & ice cream and presents (the pirate ship I got him from my neighbor's yard sale was a HUGE hit!! Yep - I am a cheapo mom - and proud of it!) And tomorrow afternoon he is having his first ever friends party. He is so excited for this dinosaur party - it'll be fun!

So here's a fun slide show of him - there's kind of a gap between new little William and then it jumps to 1 1/2 year old William - guess all those pics in between weren't digital and really, I just haven't had the time to dig thru them and scan them in - so anyways, here's our Bug!!

I guess I should clarify a bit - Bug has been his nickname ever since I can remember - since he was younger than a year old I think. And it really is the perfect nickname for him! He LOVES catching bugs and has spend a LOT of time this summer doing just that. He is such a fun, sweet little boy and I am so glad that he is mine!


Christy said...

happy birthday william! i can't believe he's four.

Anonymous said...

The years have gone by fast! Happy Birthday William!!! Hope you had a great party-cant wait to the pictures!!!

Rachel H. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BIG BOY!!! What a cutie! Can't wait for more pics...including the haircut! :)