Sunday, March 22, 2009

A little of this and that

We had a pretty busy weekend, so just thot I'd give a little update!

Saturday was BUSY!! A LONG, busy day.
Gabriella had her first ever dance competition! And she had to be there at 7:30 in the morning! Not a nice thing to do to little girls - or their moms! So she and I were up early, fixing hair, putting on make-up, getting all fancied, and out the door by 7:10. Too early!
Her team performed 2 dances. They placed 1st on one and 2nd on the other! Very exciting! Plus one of the dances won another award - can't remember what exactly - and her studio won the best overall Showmanship Award, plus numerous others. Rick and the other 2 did join us in time for her 2nd dance performance - the first was at 8:30, a bit early to have everyone up and ready and there! But they made it in the nick of time - we were literally running down the hall and up the stairs and to our seats!
It was a busy, fun day, and we get to do it all over again this coming weekend, at her 2nd competition! However, this time I will NOT wear cute little heels - no matter how nice the weather is or anything - I will NOT!

After that we made a little stop at Chuck E. Cheese - we had some tokens left over from a previous visit so thot we'd let the kids ride a few rides, play a few games, and have fun before heading home. They had lots of fun with their few tokens each, Rick ran into an old buddy of his from USU that we haven't seen for over a year or more, and I got hit on. Yep, me and all my 6 1/2 month pregnant glory and 3 kids trailing along, was hit on by a guy. Too bad he wasn't cute. Maybe then I would have felt flattered.

And I was diagnosed, by my PA neighbor, thru our backyard fences, as having a herniated umbilicus. Yep - my belly button has issues. And my neighbor has seen and touched it. Maybe we're a bit too neighborly.

William entertained us at dinner tonite with all of his preschool color rhymes. "Red, red, forgot his head." "Pink, pink, sat in the sink." "Brown, brown, his jeans fell down." and on and on. It was hilarious! I am really impressed that he can remember all of them! He is really one smart little cookie!

Tabitha insisted on my calling her "Dorothy Ann" all evening. No idea where in the world that came from, but whatever. She had an apple just before bedtime, that I think took her about 46 minutes to eat - but she ate it - ALL of it except the seeds. Like, the seeds were all that was left.

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the big competition, except a couple of Gabriella with her little trophy after the awards were given out - my battery was dead and then by the time Rick came with more, it was just such a rush. But I will do better this weekend when we do it all again!

Oh, and Rick is participating in his first ever Mini-Triathlon this Saturday!! Anyone know how I can physically be in 2 places at the same time?!

OH! And I cut my hair - ok, it would be better to say, I chopped my hair! And I am really loving it!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . .

So I know that line is from a book, but honestly I can't tell you what book it is from! Terrible, I am sure! And even worse, I am pretty sure I have never even read that book!

But anyways, to the point. The bad news is that my hubby lost his job today. Yep. Laid off. Let go. Fired. Whatever you want to call it, it happened. After yesterday we were pretty sure it was going to happen - all the employees (about 10 in the office) had their hours cut from 40 to 32/week. Someone was laid off. A comment by one boss that he needed to talk to Rick and Rick's immediate boss was made. So last nite we put 2 and 2 together and figured that today would be the day for him. Of course we hoped not, but we tried to prepare ourselves for the worst. And it happened. Oh, and his severance pay? They let him keep a laptop. How nice of them.

But we are being optimistic. And hopeful. And thankful that I have my fun little job - for 5 more weeks. Hmmm . . . don't think I've even mentioned on here that I am working right now!

February 2nd, I started working FT, Monday - Friday, 9-5, as an administrative assistant (sounds much fancier than secretary!) for a gal in our ward that has her own tax business. I was so stressed about it at first and worried about the kids and everything, and just kept telling myself, "It's only for 10 weeks. It's only for 10 weeks" - but it has been a lot of fun -and I am learning things I never knew about taxes! And after the first week or so the kids adjusted to having a babysitter everyday (a mom of 2 that I used to babysit for) and it is really working out well! Of course, the evenings are hectic and a bit stressful, trying to cram so much in in only a couple of hours, but we are making it work and Rick has learned that he has to help out more, which is awesome! I love it when he willingly, without me saying anything, goes and does the dishes! Wow! Now is that sexy or what?!

And now, more than ever, I am thankful for this little job that I have, and sad too, that my 10 weeks is already halfway over.

Monday, March 2, 2009

6 Down!

I'm two-thirds of the way there!

(And Please, ignore the red, evil eyes!)