Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bear Lake

Like most kids, mine LOVE the beach! So we went on another little beach trip, this time much closer to home! A couple weekends ago we picked up Rick in Logan and headed thru Logan Canyon to find us a camping spot for the nite.

We love camping, though it has been some time, and the drive thru the canyon was beautiful! We stayed at Beaver Creek and were lucky to get their last camping site! The kids had a great time "hiking" thru the woods around us, and cooking their own hot dogs and roasting marshmallows for smores. Jackson wasn't too keen on the whole sleeping under the stars thing, but finally settled down once we all went to bed.

The next day we went to "the beach" - Bear Lake - for some fun in the sun!

This picture pretty much sums it up!

Lots of Smiles - Happy Kids
Silly ones, too!

This boy was SO content playing in the sand

I think this little girl grew a fin!

We had a very fun day and the kids keep asking when we can go back! We used to go to Bear Lake every summer, sometimes twice during the summer, when we lived in Wellsville. It's been too long since we've been back so this was a very nice little treat for us! Hopefully we can go again later this summer.

And just for those who didn't know - for the last 2 months Rick has been working in Logan. He was hired on by an engineering firm there "temporary, but with the possibility of going permanent" (sound familiar?) So he drives up to Logan Sunday evenings, stays the week with his old childhood neighbors, and then comes home on Friday nites. Overall it is working out pretty good - of course we miss having him home, but we make the most of our weekends when we do have him with us, and are grateful for the work that he has.

Vancouver & the Oregon Coast

A couple of weeks ago we made the not very short drive up to WA/OR for Rick's brother's wedding. I was really dreading the drive, but the kids were really good - Jackson even decided that it was in fact, ok to sleep in the van - a small miracle!

Just before getting to Vancouver, we stopped here:

Multnomah Falls -
and hiked up partway to the waterfall

We also hiked this giant rock -
Beacon Rock.

The view from the top was gorgeous!
I am surprised at what good little hikers my
kids are - pretty happy ones, don't ya think?
Before heading to the coast, we stopped at OMSI - the Oregon Museum of Science & Technology.
The kids loved the dinosaur exhibit,

but the water area was their favorite!
They seriously could have played there all day.

And then it was on to the coast, near Astoria, where we stayed in a huge old Victorian house with a total of 29 people. It was crazy, and loud, and fun. And I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of all the wonderful people that we do not get to see near enough!
The wedding was on the beach, near the shipwreck of the Peter Iredale - and the weather actually cooperated!
Rick was one of the groomsmen - I thot
he looked hot in his linen suit & hot pink tie!
and Jackson is just always cute!

Here's my cute little flower girls and 1 of the ring bearers

and I just absolutely LOVE this picture of the girls spinning!

And again, that was about it of the pictures I took on the coast - not even a single one of the bride & groom!
Congrats Ross & Kari!
We love you guys!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gabriella's New Do

For months Gabriella has been asking, begging, to get her hair cut. And I wouldn't let her. She has such beautiful, long, thick hair. And I wanted her to want to cut it because SHE really wanted to. Not just because a couple of girls at school had gotten their hair cut!

I finally gave in. Sunday morning she reminded me that I had told her a couple days before that I would cut it for her the next time she washed it.
I tried to get her to be satisfied with just a few inches off, like we've done a few times before. But she wouldn't be happy with that. She wanted it cut just above her shoulders, but we comprised and settled on just past her shoulders. In all, it was about 7 inches we took off!
I know it isn't completely even, and the one side ended up quite a bit shorted than the other, which is why she has a bit of "layering" around her face, but I think it turned out quite cute!
And most of all - she loves it!

A Week Off From Facebook

So yesterday began the No Facebook for a Week Challenge. I saw one of my cousins was participating in this and decided for numerous reasons that I would too.

I think Facebook is great!
Really, I do.
But if you are like me, you find yourself hopping on several times throughout the day to see what the lastest is, who's doing what, who took their turn on what game, or who left a comment on your post.
And wasting so much time.
My oldest sister Laura recently said something along the lines of "Isn't that what all you little homemakey moms do all day?" (play on FB)
I definitely do NOT want to be in that category!
Yes, FB is fun. Yes, you can connect with old friends. But seriously, if you haven't had any contact with them in the last 10 years, are they really that important to you?! Is there really that much important stuff constantly going on?
Honestly, I really haven't missed it that much. And yes, I am getting more done and spending more time with my kids.
Yet, last nite & much of today, I find myself thinking in Facebookese.
Lisa Meyer is tired of cleaning up barf!
Lisa Meyer is LOVING her new washing machine!
Lisa Meyer - Oh no! Now the baby's throwing up!
Lisa Meyer is wishing my hubby was here to take his turn with the barf!
Lisa Meyer is tired.
Lisa Meyer needs a nap.
Lisa Meyer took the kiddos mini-golfing. It won't be happening again soon.
Lisa Meyer is cleaning up even more barf.
Lisa Meyer is excited for our trip to the Oregon Coast in a couple weeks!

Happy 1st Birthday, Jackson!

Aren't those baby blues just gorgeous?!
Well, the day came.
The day that I have been excited for and wishing
wouldn't come, both at the same time.
My BABY turned 1!
May 30th was Jackson's birthday.
I can hardly believe it has been a year.
It has gone by WAY too fast & he is growing
WAY too fast! I wish I could freeze him for a little while!
But for now, I LOVE that he is not walking,
he's a great cuddler, and is such a happy little guy!
His Train Cake

We went to Rick's parents for dinner & to celebrate.
He was so careful digging in to his cake!

A few days ago, I realized it was too quiet -
you know the quiet I'm talking about!
And this is where I found Jackson - IN the tub!
No idea how he got in it, but he did -
and without making a sound either!

He was LOVING it!
This is a typical happy, scrunchy face - LOVE it!

Me & my little Bubba!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE this little guy?!
I am so lucky & blessed to be his mommy!


Easter was good.
Here are my 4 little bunnies -
wearing their new shirts from Nana.
My cute little scrunchy nosed Bubba!
I am SO totally in love with this little boy!

Showing off their new outfits.

Gabriella & Tabitha showing off their awesome
spinning skirts I made them.
(nice messy background, don't ya think?)

The IceBreaker Recap - FINALLY!

Not the best picture, but sadly, the only one I have from the IceBreaker mini-Triathlon that Rick & I particpated in way back in March!

My weeks of training paid off - I finished!! No, I did not win anything or set any awesome records, but I DID IT!! And I felt dang proud of myself, too! I had such a HUGE feeling of accomplishment as I crossed the finish line and collapsed, crying, into my husband's arms.

My swim went pretty good - Rick & I were some of the very last ones (of about 200) to start. Biking could have gone better - there was a hill right at the beginning that really slowed me down! I don't like hills!! And I didn't quite have the gears on the bike figured out. I felt like I was the absolute last person finishing on the bike - LOTS of people passed me. LOTS of people on their run, passed me! Running after biking that many miles was hard! Especially going up that dang hill! Just as I started my running, another runner caught up to me and we chatted a little and kind of stayed together, pushing each other on for a while. I'd run a little, then walk some, run some mroe, and walk again. But I really pushed myself and I ran across the finish line!

My time was 1 hour 45 minutes - not too shabby for a first timer.
Rick's time was 1 hour 38 minutes - he beat his last year's time by 27 1/2 minutes!!

I am EXCITED to do it again next year!