Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1st Day of School

(Just a little behind here!)

First day of school! Ok, technically not Gabriella's first day - she'd already gone a few days, but bad mom here didn't take a picture then! Oops! So here's the 2 on William's first day of Kindergarten!

Waiting for the bell to ring!
What a brave little boy he was!
But me on the other hand? I cried. I tried SO hard to contain it until I left him, and then I cried on the way home, and silly me cried when I picked him up and saw him come out the door, all happy and smiling.
And I just wondered Why? I didn't have any trouble at all when Gabriella went to school for the first time. And that was going to 1st Grade even! Maybe because she was SO ready. And he is just my little boy. My sweet little, sensitive little boy. Or maybe it was still just post-pregnancy/nursing hormones. Who knows.
But I am happy that both of my kids are LOVING school and LOVING their wonderful teachers!

Friday, October 23, 2009

More of Michigan

Our trip to Michigan in August was so much fun!

A great way to end the trip was having Gabriella lose a shoe in the swamp. Yes, it was her only pair of shoes. And this was the nite before our early morning flight home - wonderful.
Rick tried, but couldn't find it - guess the Swamp Monster ate it.

Our last day there, we met up with this grat friend and her hubby and kiddos for a trip to the Toledo Zoo and some yummy lunch.
Thanks again, Rachel & Brandon, for meeting up with us!

Probably the highlight of the zoo, for the kids at least, was climbing on animal statues. It was hot and humid and they got tired and cranky really fast. It was rather frustrating for me, but we called it a day pretty early.

A few days were spent in Traverse City, at Rick's Uncle Pete & Aunt Lisa's home. They were such wonderful hosts!
The girls with Uncle Ross (Rick's brother) and cousin David.

Uncle Pete and son David - he was so good to play with the kids! They just loved him! Sadly, no picture of Aunt Lisa.

Proof that I WAS there!

Kari (Ross's girlfriend), Stefanie (Ryan's girlfriend), Gramps, Rick, Ryan (Rick's brother), and Great Aunt Ann (Grami's sister-in-law) -
Hanging out in the awesome addition Pete just built.

4 Generations of Meyer Men

Tabitha, Me, Gabriella, Nana (Rick's Mom), Grami (Rick's Dad's Mom), and Melissa (Rick's Sister)

The kids and Gramps making their silly faces!

Uncle Robi helping Tabitha with a puzzle

Caught a snake! and covered in Chocolate!
This boy was in HEAVEN!!

Rick and the kids on the raft in the swamp in Grami & Gramps backyard

Off on an adventure down the driveway - thru the woods!

Grami & Gramps meeting Jackson, their Great Grandson, for the 1st time

Gabriella playing at a science museum

The Beach! (Lake Michigan)
Outside our hotel room in Traverse City
Someday I dream of owning a beach house!

Goodbye Tonsils!

Monday morning, my little boy had his tonsils out! Or, as he was telling people, "Monday morning I am getting my tonsils cut out so I can sleep better!"
A few months ago, when I'd taken him in for his 5 year old/pre-K doctor check-up, our doctor was shocked at how big this healthy little boy's tonsils were. He suggested we see an ENT and think about having them taken out. So finally a couple of weeks ago we were able to meet with the specialist. He scheduled William for surgery for the next week.

Here is my BRAVE BOY just before they wheeled him away - all smiles (we only talked about the good, fun stuff - eating ice cream and popsicles, etc. - not the pain!) So he was excited!

Shortly after they brought him into the recovery room - AFTER he had gotten some pain meds and interested in the Disney Channel. Why, oh WHY, did they not give him pain meds while he was still out?! Instead it was 20 minutes of crying in pain, waiting for the meds and then waiting for the meds to kick in. He had his bunny buddy, Blueberry Blue, (who used to be mine!) with him the whole time - I thot it was so cute that they even put a big blue car bandaid on Blueberry's arm, just like William had on his (where the IV was). Poor kid - he was pretty miserable!

A few hours later, on the way home - calmed and relaxed (Drugged!) and hugging his new friend The Cat in the Hat that the sweet nurse gave him for being so very brave!

So, that all happened Monday. He is doing pretty good for the most part now. He HATES the nasty tasting pain meds and will NOT take it unless he is really hurting. So, sadly, there have been a few times of him being in pain, crying, and me just holding him until the meds kick in. He's starting to get a good appetite back and eating popsicles and ice cream. His teacher gave me some "homework" he could do and he has LOVED that - he loves coloring and practicing his letters, so that has been really fun for him to keep him busy. Hopefully Monday he will be able to go back to school.
I really hope none of my other kids have to go thru this!! He really needed them out, though! They were HUGE!! The doctor was so excited, almost like a little kid on Christmas morning, after taking them out - they were so big, they just made his day! But now, hopefully William will no longer snore, thus he will sleep better, and therefore he will not be tired and whiny all the time - an overall happier kid!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I know I am behind - WAY behind - on blogging. Sorry.
Life's been a bit crazy the last few months.
And I blame it all on one sweet little guy.
But instead of playing catch up right now,
I am just going to post some random pictures
that pretty much summarizes what's been going on.
And one of these days, I will catch up. Promise.

I had my FIRST EVER Pedicure! And it was WONDERFUL!
I've never allowed myself that luxury, feeling it too frivolous a thing to spend money on.
But after a friend invited me and I turned her down and Rick encouraged me to go,
I jumped at the chance the next time she called! And my hubby even thinks it is a
pampering well worth it! So there will DEFINITELY be more of this in the future!
Thanks to Taryn and Rick, the best husband I'll ever have!

Here is that sweet little guy that has turned our world crazy!
We can't get enuf of little Jackson - who really isn't so little now - he is chunking up good!
Almost 3 months old now!
He takes great naps - as long as he's on his tummy!

This was Rick's little project a couple days ago.
I decided the microwave took up too much counter space so he took out the worthless fan that was above the stove and put in a little shelf -perfect! It does stick out a bit, but for now it works.

How does our Garden grow? Well, see for yourself!
This was our pickings from Sunday.
We had mashed potatoes and steamed carrots for dinner.
Also this week we've had stuffed peppers, Greek salad with zuchinni, tomatoes, and onions from the garden, and tonite's pasta will have fresh tomatoes and onions
and some zuchinni and squash on the side - yummy!
We have WAY too many tomatoes to keep up with - anybody want some?

We spent a wonderful week in Michigan, visiting the Meyer family - Grami & Gramps,
Uncle Pete & Aunt Lisa and son David, Great Aunt Ann - and all Rick's siblings
were there and his parents as well. It was a great vacation!

We spent 3 nites at a hotel on the beach - this is Lake Michigan.
And yes, my kids are in the PJs - it was our last nite and I had to get a family picture!
I have to say - I absolutely LOVED the beach! Jackson and I enjoyed a few romantic
late nite and early morning walks while everyone else was in bed. So peaceful!
Someday I dream of having my own beach house. Someday . . .

We went out for brunch with all the family one day while on our vacation.
Such YUMMY food that included a chocolate fountain!
This boy really enjoyed the chocolate dipped marshmallows!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

6 Weeks

Yesterday was Jackson's 6 week birthday! Rick got these adorable smiles, and many more, out of him!

He has learned to love sleeping in his swing during the day and will normally sleep a 4-5 hour stretch at nite.
Gabriella is such a good helper with him - she loves that I will sometimes let her pick him up. Today she got him out of his swing after a nap and sat down with him. Within a few minutes he was asleep on her. We teased her that she couldn't move until he woke up. They stayed there, him sleeping peacefully on her, for about 25 minutes.
Other news - anyone know how to get an awesome deal on a rental vehicle?! We need one next month when we fly to MI for a week to visit family.
Anyone know of a great engineering job anywhere? Unfortunately, the great temp job that Rick had, that we all were so hopeful would end up permanent, didn't. So we are on the look out again!

Um . . What?!

While browsing thru pictures today, I came across this photo:

and this:

Guess that's what happens when daddy and Papa take the kids out fishing for the afternoon!

And just for fun, here's William, making faces and hiding behind his marble tower.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blessing Day!

Today was Jackson and Rick's big day! Rick did a wonderful job on blessing Jackson in church. I am so thankful for a husband who is worthy to hold the priesthood and the blessings we receive from it.

Rick's dad Bill (Papa), Jackson, & Rick

Our first new family picture
(gotta love William's little hands!)

My blue-eyed boy!

All decked out in his tux!
The picture cut off the bottom of his blanket - it was from our RS Presidency - it has his full name and birthdate embroidered on - love it! Such a sweet gift!
So I was REALLY worried that Jackson would scream during his blessing - lately he is just such a momma's boy - only wants mom to hold him and cries and screams for anyone else. But I was wrong! He did a great job - didn't make a sound, even when he started slipping from the strong hands of his daddy and the other men helping.
We enjoyed a yummy BBQ lunch afterwards with family and a few close friends. Such a great day! Thanks again to everyone who came for this special day!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

JUNE - Part Uno

June was a Busy, BUSY month! I can't believe it is gone already and baby Jackson is already a month old! We had a LOT of visitors this month.

Rick's parents visited in the hospital and at other times
(and I still have not gotten a pictureof Papa and the boy!)
and sweet Donna (whom Rozie cares for) came too.

Rick's wondeful Aunt Leesa and Aunt Jenny

My 2 BFFs from Roberts/high school -
Rachel was visiting from Ohio and Jen came from SLC
for visiting and yummy Mexican food.

My mom and grandma came -
it was SO nice to have mom here for a few days!

Our first at home visitor's were my brother James,
his son Jayden, and his cute wife Michelle.

This man is a BABY HOG!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby Jackson is Here!

Jackson Howard Meyer was born Saturday, May 30 (his due date!)
at 10:26 am.
Weighing 7 pounds, 9 ounces, and 19 1/2 inches long.

He's been a bit jaundiced and I ended up with an infection in my uterus, but we are both doing pretty good now! Now if only I could figure out how to get him to sleep without being cuddled at nite!

As for his name, we had already decided to use Howard as the middle name, but had no idea for a first name until a few weeks ago. We were picking rocks out of the garden one day and got talking about names. We really had no ideas. So Rick asked the kids what they thot we should name the baby if it was a boy. Gabriella hollered out "Jack!" William said "NO! Zack!" Gabriella turned to Tabitha and said "What do you think we should name the baby? Jack or Zack?" and Tabitha said "Jack." Rick turned to me and said, "Well, there you go. We'll name him Jack." But I wasn't that big on Jack. Just too plain and simple and boring for me. Though I did think it funny that Gabriella came up with it and it was my Grandpa's name. So anyways, we came up with Jackson. It's a good name - I wouldn't say I love it, but I like it, and it is definitely growing on me!
And to add a little spin on it all, as Rick puts it "Howard is Lisa's father's name. Jack is Lisa's father's father's name. So, Jack's son Howard is Lisa's dad, and Jackson Howard is Lisa's son. (say's fun)"

If you want to know all the wonderful birth details, keep reading!
If not, stop! :)

So all that week, I had been ready to have this baby! I had never felt that way with any of my other kids - Tabitha was even 10 days late and I was totally fine with waiting longer (but I was induced). But I was just READY to have this baby! So I started going on walks, jumping on the trampoline a little bit, just trying to get things started. Well, nothing was happening and I was rather discouraged on Tuesday of that week when my doctor told me I was only dilated to a 2+.

So Friday afternoon I got me some castor oil. Mixed it with some OJ, prepared for the worst, and drank it as fast as I could. And waited. Half an hour later nothing was happening. According to my dear expert friend on this, I should have been on the throne, miserable. So I gave her a call to find out why nothing was happening. Turns out I hadn't taken enuf of the castor oil. So I downed some more. And waited.
Dinner time I started feeling kinda crampy, but nothing bad. When I FINALLY had to spend some time in the bathroom that evening, I was SO Excited! After about 20 minutes I started having contractions that were 5 minutes apart. They lasted about an hour and stopped. It was about 11 pm then so I went to bed, thinking for sure that I'd wake up in the middle of the nite, in full blown labor.

Instead I woke up just after 6 (thank you little birdies singing outside my window!). At 6:15 the contractions started. They came every 2 minutes, occasionally 3 minutes, or even just 1 minute apart, but pretty regularly 2 minutes. I had been hoping to labor at home as long as possible, but that made me a bit nervous, being only 2 minutes apart. By 8 am, they were starting to get a little uncomfortable, so we got ready to go to the hospital.

Just before leaving, Gabriella told me "Mom, it will be ok if the baby is a boy." And I reminded William that I thot it was going to be a boy and if so, then yes, it was ok, we would love him. The kids have all wanted a girl. William would even say "I don't like boys. I only like girls. If it's a boy I'm not gonna love it." So I was a bit worried, since I really did feel like it was a boy.

When the nurse checked me at 8:15, I was dilated to 4+. I was a bit disappointed, not even being halfway there and already at the hospital. But I told her that I was wanting to go natural and did not want to be hooked up and monitored unless I absolutely had to me. A world of choices was then opened to me! And hour later I was to a 7! And yes, at this point the contractions were definitely uncomfortable, not painful, but uncomfortable. I was excited because with Gabriella I had wanted to go natural, and only made it to a 7 before I was BEGGING for an epidural! So I was way excited that I had made it that far already and things were going good.

The nurse asked if I'd like to take a hot bath. My first big CHOICE! All my other babies I'd been stuck in bed being monitored or had already had an epidural by then. So I got into a nice, hot tub and within 10 minutes I was at an 8. And then things got really uncomfortable. Ok, painful even.

I was in the tub maybe 40 minutes at the most, when my water popped. I say popped instead of broke, because that it exactly how it felt. I'd never had my water break on its own. It felt just like there was a water balloon inside of me that had suddenly, and painfully popped and everything gushed out of me. I yelled out. (According to Rick, it was NOT a scream, just a good yell) And the nurse came running in my room. She helped me get out and to my bed for a quick check. I was ready!

The doctor walked in just then and asked "Ok, so how do we want to do this?" I was completely confused! "Standing up, lying down, or sitting?" It was pretty cool. So in a semi reclined position I got ready to push.

I pushed through about 6 contractions (I think). And it was NOT fun. At all. Pushing was very painful. I felt like everything down there was just going to burst open! Once or twice I said that I couldn't do it. And the nurses just said "Oh yes, you can!" Though there was no turning back now! I wondered why it was taking so long, with so many pushes. At least it felt like so long to me - in reality it was maybe 15 minutes.

At one point the nurse said "I see a baldy! You have a bald baby." "I don't have bald babies," I told her. And that's when they realized that this baby was not cooperating like he/she should have. Instead of coming out face down, it was posterior, or face up. The reason the pushing was so bad.

As soon as I felt him finally pop out of me, I felt such relief. But I was SO drained. So completely physically and emotionally drained. The doctor had immediately placed the baby on my tummy, so it was me who announced that it was a boy and I just held him in one arm, crying. (and Rick was immediately updating our Facebook status!) I really had no desire at that moment, no strength really, to hold him or pay much attention to Jackson. So after they had taken him, weighed and measured, and cleaned him, I told the nurse to give him to his daddy. It took me probably a good 20 minutes after that before I felt like I was ready. I really just needed time to lay back and relax, to recover a little after what I'd just done. And I must admit, I was/am rather proud of myself. I accomplished what I'd wanted by birthing naturally. Though it wasn't the calm, peaceful, or graceful birth - yes, there was defintiely some screaming involved! - that I had envisioned, I DID IT! And it was all over with.

We came home from the hospital the next afternoon and overall things are going good. Jackson is a bit jaundiced and I developed an infection in my uterus. THAT was horrible, excruciatingly painful when it started! I was in tears, telling Rick that I would rather go thru my natural birth all over again. 3 different antibiotics seem to be getting it cleared up though!