Friday, October 23, 2009

More of Michigan

Our trip to Michigan in August was so much fun!

A great way to end the trip was having Gabriella lose a shoe in the swamp. Yes, it was her only pair of shoes. And this was the nite before our early morning flight home - wonderful.
Rick tried, but couldn't find it - guess the Swamp Monster ate it.

Our last day there, we met up with this grat friend and her hubby and kiddos for a trip to the Toledo Zoo and some yummy lunch.
Thanks again, Rachel & Brandon, for meeting up with us!

Probably the highlight of the zoo, for the kids at least, was climbing on animal statues. It was hot and humid and they got tired and cranky really fast. It was rather frustrating for me, but we called it a day pretty early.

A few days were spent in Traverse City, at Rick's Uncle Pete & Aunt Lisa's home. They were such wonderful hosts!
The girls with Uncle Ross (Rick's brother) and cousin David.

Uncle Pete and son David - he was so good to play with the kids! They just loved him! Sadly, no picture of Aunt Lisa.

Proof that I WAS there!

Kari (Ross's girlfriend), Stefanie (Ryan's girlfriend), Gramps, Rick, Ryan (Rick's brother), and Great Aunt Ann (Grami's sister-in-law) -
Hanging out in the awesome addition Pete just built.

4 Generations of Meyer Men

Tabitha, Me, Gabriella, Nana (Rick's Mom), Grami (Rick's Dad's Mom), and Melissa (Rick's Sister)

The kids and Gramps making their silly faces!

Uncle Robi helping Tabitha with a puzzle

Caught a snake! and covered in Chocolate!
This boy was in HEAVEN!!

Rick and the kids on the raft in the swamp in Grami & Gramps backyard

Off on an adventure down the driveway - thru the woods!

Grami & Gramps meeting Jackson, their Great Grandson, for the 1st time

Gabriella playing at a science museum

The Beach! (Lake Michigan)
Outside our hotel room in Traverse City
Someday I dream of owning a beach house!


Anonymous said...

It's about time!!! Looks like everyone had fun. And I LOVE the pic of the 4 kiddos by the fence at top of blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh my heck i LOVE the new picture at the top. Jackson is so BIG and HAPPY. I love his smile. Glad you guys had TONS of fun on your trip.