Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Gabriella!

Today is the big day that she has been counting down for for over a month! Very exciting! We're having a "small" party after school today, taking a few friends to Chuck E. Cheese. I admit, I wimped out this year. I just didn't feel I had it in me to do some big party, with a fun theme, and fancy cake, like I have in years past. I've just been too busy lately. So cupcakes and fun at the mouse's place, it is! And she can't wait! So enjoy the slideshow of her 6 years of life and stay tuned for post-party pictures!

Happy Birthday, Princess!
and Happy 100th post, dear Blog!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I totally SUCK!

First of all, let me just say that I HATE that word! I really do! And I rarely, rarely say it! I hate it so much that in high school (when it seems it became such a popular, fun word to use), my great friend Jenifer Beth would say "inhales" - like, "That really inhales!" - just for me. Man, did she spoil me!

But this morning was a totally different story.

During July and part of August, I started taking tennis lessons. It was great, it was fun, it was a wonderful work-out and I was sad to see it end. So one of the other ladies in the class, Katerina, and I have been getting together early in the morning once or twice a week and playing. It is great, it's fun, and yes, a wonderful work-out, and a fantastic way to start my day, but let's face it - I totally SUCK!

Normally, I do ok - ok for a beginner, that is. Our first few times playing together, I would always win. Which was wierd, because I truly feel that Katerina is the better player. It must have been beginners luck.

My maind issue is serving. Normally if I screw up a serve, I can get it right on my second try. But I really don't know what the problem was with me today! Something was just off - more off than normal. Katerina got so many points and won so many matches because I could not properly serve the stinkin' ball! It would fall short and go into the net, or on the wrong side of the court, or out of bounds, almost anywhere but where it was supposed to go! I did much better when she was the one serving and I was on the defensive side - MUCH better!

I am now reminded of a line from The Emperor's Groove - "Dude, you threw off my groove!"

Let's hope that next week goes better - MUCH better!

On a little sidenote here - I have updated one of my previous posts (Randomness) to include a picture - so make sure you check it out!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Out of the Mouths of (My) Babes

A few cute things that were heard before 8 am this morning:

William - "The sky is soggy - that's why we can't see the sun."

Gabriella - "When I was growing up, I thought that it would be hot up in the mountains because the mountains are so close to the sky."

Tabitha - "I want to watch Lady & the Trampoline!" (Lady & the Tramp)

William - "We have some bad news upstairs - There is a spider up there! A tiny tiny tiny baby spider."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"I Forgive You"

Earlier this morning, William and I were cleaning & organizing his room.

Clothes were folded and put away or put in the dirty laundry. Dinosaurs were put back in their big, blue tub. Pirates were put in their box and in their spot in the closet. His train set was put back together, with extra pieces in a box next to it. Shoes were neatly arranged in their side of the closet. Puzzles were put back together and put neatly on their shelf. It was looking pretty good. (You'd think that with all this cool, fun stuff, he would spend HOURS playing in his room, with HIS toys - but NO, it is the princess dresses and polly pockets and barbies that are his toys of choice!)

We sat down together and surveyed our success.

"When you're done playing with your dinosaurs, you put them back in here and put the lid on. When you're done playing with your trains, you put the little pieces in that box and it goes right there."

Then on to the closet.

"Your shoes go right there so we don't lose them. Pirates go in their box when you're done playing with them, and your puzzles all go back on this shelf. That way your room stays nice and clean and we don't have big messes." I patiently explained to him, hoping that maybe this time, it would sink in and his room stops looking like a daily tornado has hit.

Looking into my eyes, and smiling, he very seriously said, "I forgive you, Mom."

I couldn't help it - I burst out laughing! "Forgive me for what?!" I asked him.

"I don't know," he said, laughing with me.

Well, so I guess it's MY fault for his messes. At least my silly son is forgiving!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tagged Again

I usually: don't get enuf sleep
I search: for missing kid's shoes almost daily
I wonder: what color I should paint the basement
I regret: only a couple of things
I love: my sweet little family
I care: too much about what others think
I always: procrastinate doing the dishes
I worry: about everything WAY TO MUCH!!
I am not: as organized as I would like to be
I remember: not near as much as I used to
I believe: that anyone can change if they truly want to
I dance: by myself and with my kids
I sing: when I hear a song that I love
I don’t always: finish what I start, yet it drives me crazy when my hubby does this!
I argue: when I feel strongly that I am right
I write: lots of notes, hoping to remember everything I need to do
I win: when I accomplish something
I lose: when I play Phase 10 with Rick
I wish: I had magic powers
I listen: mostly to country music
I don't understand: how bridges work! What hold them up? (anyone know a good engineer?)
I can usually be found: at home
I am scared: of things that may happen to my family
I need: to play tennis more often - it gives a great start to my day
I forget: about things I have scheduled
I am happy: for the life that I have

Thanks Cousin for the tag! And again, I tag anyone who hasn't been in the last week - take your pick!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Jenifer just tagged me, so here goes!

1. What time did you get up this morning? 6:27 am - woken up by the sounds of a little girl, who ended up waking up her sister and brother - I was NOT happy!
2. Diamonds or pearls? Pearls, but I really don't have any place to wear them to!
3. What two things do you always have with you? Chapstick and my inhaler
4. What is your favorite TV show? Lost & House
5. What do you usually have for breakfast? Yogurt, granola bar, and/or banana
6. What is your favorite book? Twilight series
7. What is your middle name? Dawn
8. What food do you dislike the most? "pus cheese" in Ecuador
9. What is your favorite CD? never really listen to CDs
10. What type of car do you drive? Navy blue Oldsmobile Silhouette minivan
11. Favorite sandwich? Not much of a sandwich person - maybe egg salad
12. What characteristic do you despise? lying
13. Favorite item of clothing? my soft pink fleece hoodie
14. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Hawaii or Jamaica
15. What color is your bathroom? Mine is boring white, the main one is blue & yellow
16. Favorite brand of clothing? none
17. Where would you retire to? someplace that is always warm
18. What was your most recent memorable birthday? none - can't even remember my birthday last year (hint hint, honey!)
19. Favorite day of the week? Friday, I like to have the whole weekend ahead of me.
20. How many years at your current job? just about 6
21. How many keys on your key ring? 1
22. Favorite saying? ONE . . . TWO . . . THREE! (Yes, I am a mother!)
23. When is your birthday? December 31
24. Are you a morning person or a night person? definitely NOT morning
25. What is your shoe size? 8 or 8 1/2
26. Pets? none - except when the kids pretend they are a dog or a kitty
27. What did you want to be when you were little? A teacher
28. How are you today? Tired (see question #1!)
29. What is your favorite candy? lately I am addicted to Twizzlers - but anything chocolate mint
30. What is your favorite flower? Daisies and sunflowers
31. What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? October 12th - my 7th anniversary
32. What church do you attend? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
33. What are you listening to right now? Rick trying to answer questions for me
34. What was the last thing you ate? French toast Rick made for dinner
35. Do you wish on stars? Sometimes
36. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Yellow
37. How is the weather right now? a little cool
38. Do you like the person who tagged you? I love her! She's one of my best friends since 7th grade
39. Favorite soft drink? None - just give me water with lots of lemon
40. Favorite restaurant? anything Italian
41. Hair color? Blonde
42. Sibling? 8 - 3 sisters, 5 little brothers
43. Favorite day of the year? Christmas
44. What was your favorite toy as a child? Barbies
45. Summer or winter? Summer
46. Hugs or kisses? Both
47. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate, except for ice cream, then vanilla (or mint!)
48. Do you make friends easily? Not really
49. When was the last time you cried? Probably a few weeks ago on Gabriella's first day of school
50. What is under your bed? I don't even want to know
51. Who is the friend you have had the longest? Jenifer - since seventh grade.
52. Favorite smell? Rick's cologne and my kids when they are freshly bathed
53. What are you afraid of? Something happening to one of my kids or Rick
54. Plain, butter or salted popcorn? Butter
55. How many towns have you lived in? 10 (Idaho Falls, Parma, Benton City, Kennewick, Roberts, Rexburg, Cuenca, Logan, Wellsville, American Fork)
56. How many countries have you lived in? 2 - here & Ecuador

And now I tag anyone who hasn't been in the last week!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Ok, so the kids are in bed - not all asleep yet, but in bed. And I am bored. So here is a bunch of randomness.

1 - I am listening to "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol. I have always loved it and was so excited when I finally figured out what it was called and who sang it. Don't ask me why - I just love it. I have listened to it probably 273 times in the last 2 days. A HUGE Thank You to Alaina for putting it on your blog playlist so I can easily listen to it over and over and over and over and over again!

2 - I feel like my speedo typing skills are suddenly coming back to me in the last few days! That probably means that I have been on the computer way too much. Not a good thing.

3 - 2 nights in a row without daddy at home is not fun for mommy. I can handle 1 overnighter fine, but when it gets to the 2nd night, and 2nd day in a row without him here at all, it just gets to wear a bit much on me.

4 - Why is it that when my hubby is gone - to work, a meeting, hunting (like now), whatever - that I want him here, but then when he is here and has been here for more than a handful of hours, I start to get annoyed with him? (Sorry honey, I really do love you lots!)

5 - I think as a mother, I have neglected William in ways. Nothing tragic - he's fed and clothed (today in a shiny satin, bright yellow princess dress and crown - very beautiful) - but it seems with Gabriella I spent so much time on things like numbers, letters, signing, etc, but with William there hasn't been much. I was so impressed with him today when he got a marker and pad of paper and started writing his letters - he only got to E without needing help and a few were backwards, but I was so proud of him. I guess he's picked up a lot of things from Gabriella.

6 - Speaking of William, he started preschool on Tuesday and is loving it! He loves his teacher - Mrs. G as he calls her - I guess GeAnna is a bit tough to remember.

7 - And I am pretty darn sure that I have spoiled Tabitha way too much! She has been my "baby" for 2 1/2 years and has definitely been babied - and I've loved it and I know she has, too. She is still such a cuddler and loves to give me hugs and kisses. Is it bad to say that of my 3, she has been my favorite baby? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying she is my favorite child, but those of you with more than 1 kid, do you agree that at stages you can have a favorite for that stage - if that makes sense? I'm sure that part of it comes from being home always (I worked very part-time with Gabriella as a baby and was working full-time when I had William) and also being a more experienced mom and feeling a lot more comfortable with what to do.

8 - I need to dust the ceiling down here - I am noticing some cobwebs hanging above my head!

9 - My hair desperately needs a trim! And I am so not a spend a lot of money on my hair type of person. I just found someone on craigslist offering free haircuts to new customers - might have to check it out!

10 - My big accomplishment today: I cleaned off and organized the computer desk! I must say, I am quite impressed with myself - it has really needed it - I even went to Office Max - my new favorite store of the week - and bought a few little office type things. It is now clean and organized and most everything has a place - hopefully I can keep it this way! ("A place for everything and everything in its place" - that was my hotel boss's quote - definitely something I need to work on and put into practice!)

The satin yellow dress - his favorite!

I'm going to paint!

So I have decided that I am sick and tired of plain old, boring, blah white walls! They have got to go! In the 3 years that we've been here, I have painted the main bathroom (blue & yellow with ducks), my bedroom (a light peachy color that I LOVE), we had a castle mural painted on one wall in Gabriella's room, and William's room (shades of blue).

Now it is the basements turn!

I have about 2 weeks to get ready - Rick's sister is coming to visit (and his brothers a few days later) and she is willing to help with the job - unless I get too impatient and do it without her - which really might happen!

But what color? Gabriella says "Pink! Purple! or Yellow!" William says, "No - Orange!" I need some serious, adult help here! The carpet is a dirty white (I'm sure at some point it used to be white!) and very light brown berber (which I really don't like either, but that's not going to be changing anytime soon!) So, all my blogging buddies - suggestions PLEASE!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I LOVE a good sale!

I love grocery shopping! Maybe that sounds silly - I know some people who hate it. But for me, it is fun and exciting to find awesome deals and spend as little as I can on as much as I can - and not just on groceries, but on anything and everything! It gives me this great rush when the cashier tells me "You saved $47.82" or whatever it was that day. And today was definitely one of those days! And I am going to brag about it!

This picture really does not show it all - in all there are a total of 73 items. There would have been more, but I only had 20 minutes to do it in (babysitting today and did not want to take 3 kids with me to do this!), so I just had to grab according to the quick list I made last night at William's soccer game. I will be going back to Albertson's for more before this sale ends next week! So, 73 items, ranging from milk, to muffins and granola bars and fruit snacks. And how much did I spend? First, let me tell you how much I did NOT spend - I did not spend $140 - which would have been the total before my savings. Any guesses? I'd love to hear them! Ok, so the grand total after my savings and coupons is:

$65.84 for all of this!
That is a savings of 53%!!!

And all of that will last us for a good while, too! I love saving money! Call me a cheap-o, I don't care, but really, I cannot understand how some people do not even care that they could save $75 on their grocery bill and so easily! I am already planning my next trip back!

Like I said before, I LOVE grocery shopping!