Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just a Couple Funnies

At dinner tonite (sweet n sour pork stir-fry) William would point to each different thing on his plate, asking "What's this?" A carrot. "What's this?" A pineapple. "What's this?"
"A piece of pork," I told him. "Do you know what pork is?"
"Pork comes from a pig. It is piggy meat," I explain.
Gabriella joins in. "This is from a pig?!"
"Yes. Bacon and ham are from pigs also."
That really got her - she LOVES ham. "You mean people KILL pigs?!"

This afternoon as I was changing Tabitha's diaper, William came running up the stairs wearing a pirate outfit (surprise! it wasn't a princess dress!)
He has a panicky look on his face. "Mom! I just heard on the radio that some bad guys are coming!" (He had been downstairs alone, no radio or noise of any kind)
"Bad guys?!" I play along. "When will they be here?"
"In (pause) 7 days!" (3 year olds have no idea of time)
"What are they going to do when they get here?"
"They're gonna KILL us!" Oh my!
He looks over at the top of the stairs. "Oh! There they are!"
"Oh no! Do you have your sword?" Now I am getting panicky!
"Yeah, it's right here!" And he pulls out his imaginary sword from his imaginary sword holder on his belt.
And off he went to fight the "bad guys." My little knight in shining armor! or something like that!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quiz Time!

While the kids were eating lunch today, I took a few fun pictures. They were (for the most part) very cooperative. So, here is a little quiz - no pencil and paper required! :) Simply match up the sweet little face on the left with the feet on the right that go with that child. Scroll down slowly so you don't peek at the answers! I'm excited to have lots of comments on how many (and who) you got right!
WARNING: These are actual children, wearing, or not wearing, the clothing and accessories that they picked out today. No adult help or supervision was given (except in assisting Tabitha in putting on her clothes, including the pink jammie shirt she wanted on over her purple shirt)

And now, here are the answers!

Yes, it is true, my sweet son has just a bit of a little cross dressing problem - he loves wearing Gabriella's dress shoes and wearing her princess dresses! I guess that's what we get from me wanting baby #2 to be a girl so badly!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Yes, We Have A Woman In The House

I was at Rite-Aid this morning, with William and Tabitha. Basically, we were killing time, waiting until it was time to pick Gabriella up from preschool. Wandering down an aisle, William suddenly got all excited, jumped up in the cart and started pointing, saying (very loudly) "We have some of those at our house! And those, too!" What he was pointing at? Tampons and maxi-pads!
Which reminds me of a funny email I received recently:
A man walks into a pharmacy and wanders up & down the aisles. The sales girl notices him and asks him if she can help him. He answers that he is looking for a box of tampons for his wife. She directs him down the correct aisle.
A few minutes later, he deposits a huge bag of cotton balls and a ball of string on the counter.
Counfused, the cleark says, "Sir, I thought you were looking for some tampons for your wife?"
He answers, "You see, it's like this. Yesterday I sent my wife to the store to get me a carton of cigarettes, and she came back with a tin of tobacco and some rolling papers, cuz it's "so-ooo-ooo much cheaper." So, I figure if I have to roll my own . . . . . so does she!"
Hmmm - sounds like something MY husband would do!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Three Marias and a Christmas Promise

Today I had a good cry. A bawl fest was more like it. Most of you know about my time in Ecuador too many years ago. For those who don't, from August 1999 - February 2000, I had the wonderful privelege of living in Ecuador as part of an orphanage volunteer group. As one of my Aunts said, I was like Mother Teresa - (which meant so much to me because Mother Teresa has always been one of my heroes!) It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Since then, the program has grown and developed and changed so much and monthly newsletters are now emailed to the alumni. It was this newsletter that I received today that brought on the waterworks. Just a small sampling of it: Imagine being the young age of 6 and knowing that your parents left you in a trash can when you were born. Or having seen your mother die, and then being sent to live with the nuns because Grandpa treated you so horribly, and having no idea where your daddy was but wishing and hoping everyday that he would miraculously return for you. And the joy of a new pair of shoes - brand new, that you get to pick out yourself - such a little thing that we all take for granted.
I can't go on - the tears are threatening to spill again. But once I got thru reading this story, I just felt as if there is something I need to do. But what? When Rick got home, as we were eating dinner, I attempted to tell him the story, but ended bawling again and told him he would have to just read it himself. I told him that I am ready for him to take me back to Ecuador (a dream of ours) so that I can bring that little girl, or a few of them, home with me. And you know what? My husband totally surprised me and said that it doesn't sound bad to him! Always before when I've talked of my dreams of adopting all my little Ecuador babies he has firmly told me No.
Now, I am not saying we are filling out paperwork or anything of the sort anytime soon. Especially since adoptions from Ecuador are on hold for the time being (pray that the government will have a change of heart!) But you never know.
Here is the link for those who are ready for a good cry - get some tissues first!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just Keep Going, Just Keep Going

Ok, so the day did get better (it normally does!). William and Tabitha were much happier after their naps. Gabriella's 2 friends (sisters) came over to play and entertained her. And I calmed myself with a bag of Hershey Nuggets Truffles - chocolate, yum! I ended up having Gabriella hide the bag from me so I didn't give myself a tummy ache!
Dinner tonite was Baked Potato Soup - just what we needed this snowy day! William took one look at it, and in true William form said, "EW!! I don't like that!" I replied, as I always do when he says this (most nites, except Mondays) "Yes, you do. We had it before and you ate it all gone!" And what do you know - he ate it all gone AND had seconds! I had to tell the kids what everything was. " The green things are green onions. The white chunky things are potatoes, and that is bacon and cheese on top." Gabriella kept talking about the "tomatoes" in her soup (potato, tomato). Tabitha found it humorous that she was eating her "Tatoe head" (which is what she calls the Mr. Potato Head that Grandma got each of the kids for Christmas) and I think she got more in her hair than in her tummy.
And then we put a message on our new answering machine. (I don't know what it was with my dear hubby, but for my bday he got me a new phone w/answering machine and a cell phone - does he think all I do is talk on the phone?) We were all pretty excited about the fun little message. So if you haven't already called us to listen, give us a ring! And if we don't answer, just talk away and most likely we are here, just letting the machine do its job and have some fun!

What a Morning

7 AM is really way too early to wake up - especially if you are 5, 3, or almost 2 years old, or a mommy of any of the above. I keep hoping that some miracle will happen and my children will suddenly start sleeping in - even 7:30 would be appreciated!
But this morning especially, was really way too early. I went to bed way too late (I was finishing a good book) and woke up cranky and tired. And the kids. As soon as breakfast was over, it started - the whining and bickering. And a tired, cranky mommy does not handle that too well! So on came a movie and I was hoping my problem was solved. Not quite. Tabitha decided to play with noisy Little People toys, and there was incessant whining from "starving" children. Apples and a cookie did not suffice, so we had an early lunch. Tabitha wouldn't eat. William ate fast. Gabriella was the Pokie little puppy, but finally finished. Early naptime for Tabitha. William peed his pants and then went to bed crying that he "wasn't tired" and was asleep in 20 minutes. And Gabriella's "quiet time" consisted of showing me how to put her Polly poodle's skirt on and telling me all about her friend's Polly hamster and glitter haired Pollys and asking if I knew where her fairy was, and this and that and so on and on and on - it was far from quiet!
And now, like most days, nap time and "quiet" time are over all too soon.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

There Are 2 Ways To Handle a Mess

This is what I woke up to this morning. Gabriella came running in my room, saying something about William and Tabitha and sprinkles all over the floor. So I finally pulled myself out of bed, and wandered into the kitchen. Most days, I probably would have yelled and gotten mad. But instead, the new, improved, more patient mommy inside of me, grabbed the camera and took a picture of my little mess makers. And then we all helped clean it up. I had way too many candy sprinkles anyways!In the words of Gabriella, "There's 2 ways to clean a mess: sweep it up or eat it up!" And yes, a little of both took place!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Life is Good

Last night and today I have been thinking of how nice and peaceful this last week or so have been. Everyone has seemed happier overall, the kids have played better together, there have been fewer sibling fights, Rick and I have been sweeter to each other, and I have felt a lot calmer and more patient than normal. My main reasoning for this: Job Charts!
9 days ago I made up simple little Job Charts for Gabriella, William, and myself. Nothing fancy, just the basics that should be done everyday. The kids have things like Brush your teeth, Clean your room, Get dressed. Gabriella also has Clean the Bathroom (her choice) and Brush your Hair. William has No Accidents (potty wise). Mine are pretty basic too. Make the bed (I am NOT a bed maker!), Read my scriptures, Dinner by 6, Use the Elliptical and a few more. All things that I should be doing, but I don't do very well (or not at all). My whole reasoning for doing these Job Charts was not for the kids, but for myself. See, I have this addiction. It's called Wasting Time on the Computer. So Rick and I made a little deal. I stay off the computer (except at nap time and after kids are in bed at nite) and I get a little treat each week (he'll make me cheesecake or I can get Cold Stone). And I decided to take it a step further and create our Job Charts. This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but it is working wonderfully for all of us! The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE putting their little stickers on the chart each day and they were thrilled when our first week ended and they got to go to the Dollar Store and pick out a prize - any 1 thing they wanted.
Another thing I know has helped: FHE - Family Home Evening
We have not been big Family Home Eveningers. Sad, but true. It just seems that by the time Rick gets home and we have dinner, it is time to get ready for bed! Well, we are making a change! The day after Christmas, and again on New Year's Day, we went as a family to the movies. It was a first for all of the kids and they loved it! I told Rick that it would be fun to take the kids to a move once a month or so. And he agreed IF we had FHE for the month. We've managed to have a brief little lesson each week for the last 2 weeks so we are halfway there to getting our next movie day! Oh, and we get to put a sticker on each Monday nite that we are successful - a Bonus for the kids!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

What NOT To Wear

Have you ever watched this show? Not me, but I have heard about it and I guess I would be a good candidate for it!
After I'd gotten dressed for church this morning, I was feeling pretty good. I was wearing a long, navy blue skirt that I don't wear very often because I don't have much that works with it. Today I paired it with a new shirt I got at Kohl's a couple weeks ago ($3 on clearance!). It was short sleeve, fitted, button-up white, with pink and blue stripes. I walked into the kitchen just as Gabriella came up the stairs. She took one look at me and this is how the conversation went:
Gabriella: Um, Mom, is that what you're wearing to church?
Me: Yes. (pause) Why? Is there something wrong with it?
Gabriella: Just that that shirt doesn't look good with that skirt.
Um, ok, whatever, I thought She's 5 and wears pink and red together - what does she know? A few minutes later, Rick came upstairs and I asked him what he thought of my outfit. He eyed me up and down with a funny look on his face. I knew what he was thinking. No good.
Rick: I'm not a fashion expert.
Me: I know, but just tell me what you are thinking!
Rick: They just don't look right together.
So I went to change. I picked out 3 options and went back and asked Gabriella for her opinion. The first was long sleeve, button-up, white with blue and black stripes. The 2nd was plain white fancy button-up. The 3rd was a creamy colored sweater. She immediately picked the sweater. I then asked Rick, first holding up one of the button-up shirts. "Honey," he said. "You are trying to put a business casual top with a formal skirt. It doesn't work." And he says he's not a fashion expert! I guess I never realized my simple skirt was that "formal." Needless to say, I wore the sweater.

My Handyman

For Christmas this year, Rick was REALLY wanting a Table Saw. Well, anyone into power tools, or if you have a hubby like mine, you know how pricey those can be. But I found him one for an early Christmas present, completely FREE! Thank you Freecycle! And older lady was giving away "an older" table saw, minus a table. I was so excited to get it! I sent Rick and his dad to pick it up, as she warned me that it was very heavy. When I got my first look at it, I was SO disappointed! It wasn't just "older" it was like, from the stone age! But Rick was optimistic and tinkered around with it a bit and got it running smoothly. Yesterday he decided it was time to build it it's own table (our little deep freeze does make for quite the handy work bench, though!) So here is his creation!

Notice, if you will, the little power box, right underneath the top of the table on the right side. The power switch for the saw is on the back end of the saw, by the motor. So for ease of use and convenience, my handy hubby even rigged up his own power switch at the front of the table! What a guy!
And here is a picture of my latest little decorating project. For Christmas, one of the gals I babysit for gave me a gift card to a store called Rod Works, which I had never been to. It is a huge home decor store, of mostly metal type items. I saw something similar to this hanging behind the front counter and immediately fell in love with it! And the little plaque I've had for quite some time and it is finally hung! For those who've never been to our home, my furniture is brown and gold, with a bit of deep red, hence the gold ribbon!

And just for fun, William informed me last night that his nose had "stuffing in it." Hmmm

Just before going to bed last nite, I was going about my nightly ritual of checking on the kids, making sure each was breathing and alive. As I checked on Tabitha and my eyes adjusted to the dark, something just didn't look quite right. Then I realized, I was staring at a naked little bum! She had taken off her jammies and her diaper and was sleeping soundly, nakedly! And had peed in her crib! Time to bring out the safety pins so she can't undo her zippers anymore!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Snow Fun

So what do you know, but of course, I forgot to take the camera with me today sledding! So here are just some fun pictures from the first snowfall this season. It was a Sunday morning - I think early November. We woke up to lots of snow and the kids were SO excited! They could hardly wait to eat breakfast before getting geared up and outside to play!

Trying it Out!

Ok, here goes! This is my very first attempt at Blogging! I have recently been inspired to start my own Blog. Hopefully it will be a good way for me to do some journaling and keep friends and family better updated on all the fun and unexciting happenings in our life!

This morning we took the kids sledding for the first time! A few days ago, Gabriella and William were playing in the back yard and Gabriella discovered the perfect little slide in a back corner. She was having so much fun going down it on the sled. I went out and attempted to make it bigger and better and even attempted to make another little sledding hill, but soon decided that we would have to wait for daddy to get home - this called for an Engineer!
So today we went with our neighbor friends to a park that had a big hill. It was so much fun! I think I had as much fun as the kids! William was a bit nervous and wasn't too keen on going down alone but loved riding along with me or Rick. Gabriella went down a few times ok and then while riding down with her friend Hannah, they had a big crash. Tears and hugs followed and I think that kind of made her scared to go down without mommy or daddy anymore. Tabitha went down just a few times with Rick or I and seemed to like it. I'd ask her if she had fun and she'd reply "Yep" and I'd ask if she wanted to do it again and she'd reply "No" in her sweet little voice. After about an hour William had had enough of the sledding and started heading to the other side of the park to the real park. For some reason my kids think it's not a "park" unless there are toys to play on and so technically, to William, we were not at "the park." Soon we all ended up at "the park" for a short while before heading home to warm mugs of hot cocoa with pink and green marshmallows.