Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Handyman

For Christmas this year, Rick was REALLY wanting a Table Saw. Well, anyone into power tools, or if you have a hubby like mine, you know how pricey those can be. But I found him one for an early Christmas present, completely FREE! Thank you Freecycle! And older lady was giving away "an older" table saw, minus a table. I was so excited to get it! I sent Rick and his dad to pick it up, as she warned me that it was very heavy. When I got my first look at it, I was SO disappointed! It wasn't just "older" it was like, from the stone age! But Rick was optimistic and tinkered around with it a bit and got it running smoothly. Yesterday he decided it was time to build it it's own table (our little deep freeze does make for quite the handy work bench, though!) So here is his creation!

Notice, if you will, the little power box, right underneath the top of the table on the right side. The power switch for the saw is on the back end of the saw, by the motor. So for ease of use and convenience, my handy hubby even rigged up his own power switch at the front of the table! What a guy!
And here is a picture of my latest little decorating project. For Christmas, one of the gals I babysit for gave me a gift card to a store called Rod Works, which I had never been to. It is a huge home decor store, of mostly metal type items. I saw something similar to this hanging behind the front counter and immediately fell in love with it! And the little plaque I've had for quite some time and it is finally hung! For those who've never been to our home, my furniture is brown and gold, with a bit of deep red, hence the gold ribbon!

And just for fun, William informed me last night that his nose had "stuffing in it." Hmmm

Just before going to bed last nite, I was going about my nightly ritual of checking on the kids, making sure each was breathing and alive. As I checked on Tabitha and my eyes adjusted to the dark, something just didn't look quite right. Then I realized, I was staring at a naked little bum! She had taken off her jammies and her diaper and was sleeping soundly, nakedly! And had peed in her crib! Time to bring out the safety pins so she can't undo her zippers anymore!


The Holloways said...

YEAH FOR FREECYCLE!!! And yeah for a husband who can build things! :) How fun!!

I love your new wall-hangings! I wonder if the ROD WORKS place has a website. I would love something like that!! SOOOO cute! :)

Now, onto the diaper situation. WHAT A BUMMER!! Jenna did the "diaper removal" for a while and would smear everything inside all over the walls. SOOO gross! It has only happened once with Kaden, and I am praying it will end there. Good luck with that one!

The Kelley's Kingdom said...

Oh that is great...Tabitha is becoming a little bit mischevious!!! I love it...taking after her dad!!! I had a great laugh about that... Thanks!