Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just a Couple Funnies

At dinner tonite (sweet n sour pork stir-fry) William would point to each different thing on his plate, asking "What's this?" A carrot. "What's this?" A pineapple. "What's this?"
"A piece of pork," I told him. "Do you know what pork is?"
"Pork comes from a pig. It is piggy meat," I explain.
Gabriella joins in. "This is from a pig?!"
"Yes. Bacon and ham are from pigs also."
That really got her - she LOVES ham. "You mean people KILL pigs?!"

This afternoon as I was changing Tabitha's diaper, William came running up the stairs wearing a pirate outfit (surprise! it wasn't a princess dress!)
He has a panicky look on his face. "Mom! I just heard on the radio that some bad guys are coming!" (He had been downstairs alone, no radio or noise of any kind)
"Bad guys?!" I play along. "When will they be here?"
"In (pause) 7 days!" (3 year olds have no idea of time)
"What are they going to do when they get here?"
"They're gonna KILL us!" Oh my!
He looks over at the top of the stairs. "Oh! There they are!"
"Oh no! Do you have your sword?" Now I am getting panicky!
"Yeah, it's right here!" And he pulls out his imaginary sword from his imaginary sword holder on his belt.
And off he went to fight the "bad guys." My little knight in shining armor! or something like that!

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Roy & Karen said...

Maybe you should explain the "This little piggy went to market" theory to the kids. William's imagination sounds wonderful! I love when they express who they really are.