Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quiz Time!

While the kids were eating lunch today, I took a few fun pictures. They were (for the most part) very cooperative. So, here is a little quiz - no pencil and paper required! :) Simply match up the sweet little face on the left with the feet on the right that go with that child. Scroll down slowly so you don't peek at the answers! I'm excited to have lots of comments on how many (and who) you got right!
WARNING: These are actual children, wearing, or not wearing, the clothing and accessories that they picked out today. No adult help or supervision was given (except in assisting Tabitha in putting on her clothes, including the pink jammie shirt she wanted on over her purple shirt)

And now, here are the answers!

Yes, it is true, my sweet son has just a bit of a little cross dressing problem - he loves wearing Gabriella's dress shoes and wearing her princess dresses! I guess that's what we get from me wanting baby #2 to be a girl so badly!


Anonymous said...

I was so right about William's feet. I am so NOT surprise. What fun pictures though!! Doing great on you blog cousin, keep it up!!

The Holloways said...

I was right on about their feet--before I saw the answers. Mainly because Kaden would have done the SAME thing! :)

The Kelley's Kingdom said...

I got them all right!!! Poor William, the only boy, what is he to do!!!! If I ever have a girl, she will be such a tom boy...with nothing but brothers and all... :)

Anonymous said...

I was right!!!!!!