Saturday, January 12, 2008

Trying it Out!

Ok, here goes! This is my very first attempt at Blogging! I have recently been inspired to start my own Blog. Hopefully it will be a good way for me to do some journaling and keep friends and family better updated on all the fun and unexciting happenings in our life!

This morning we took the kids sledding for the first time! A few days ago, Gabriella and William were playing in the back yard and Gabriella discovered the perfect little slide in a back corner. She was having so much fun going down it on the sled. I went out and attempted to make it bigger and better and even attempted to make another little sledding hill, but soon decided that we would have to wait for daddy to get home - this called for an Engineer!
So today we went with our neighbor friends to a park that had a big hill. It was so much fun! I think I had as much fun as the kids! William was a bit nervous and wasn't too keen on going down alone but loved riding along with me or Rick. Gabriella went down a few times ok and then while riding down with her friend Hannah, they had a big crash. Tears and hugs followed and I think that kind of made her scared to go down without mommy or daddy anymore. Tabitha went down just a few times with Rick or I and seemed to like it. I'd ask her if she had fun and she'd reply "Yep" and I'd ask if she wanted to do it again and she'd reply "No" in her sweet little voice. After about an hour William had had enough of the sledding and started heading to the other side of the park to the real park. For some reason my kids think it's not a "park" unless there are toys to play on and so technically, to William, we were not at "the park." Soon we all ended up at "the park" for a short while before heading home to warm mugs of hot cocoa with pink and green marshmallows.

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The Holloways said...

YEAH LISA!! WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF BLOGGING! Be prepared to get very addicted to taking pictures and writing every single detail about your family life. :)

I love your start! Is the list on the side your dinners for this week? If so, you better start posting ALL the recipes because they ALL sound so delicious!!! Yum!!!

Again, welcome to blogging! So glad to be able to watch all the fun things in your life as they happen.