Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What a Morning

7 AM is really way too early to wake up - especially if you are 5, 3, or almost 2 years old, or a mommy of any of the above. I keep hoping that some miracle will happen and my children will suddenly start sleeping in - even 7:30 would be appreciated!
But this morning especially, was really way too early. I went to bed way too late (I was finishing a good book) and woke up cranky and tired. And the kids. As soon as breakfast was over, it started - the whining and bickering. And a tired, cranky mommy does not handle that too well! So on came a movie and I was hoping my problem was solved. Not quite. Tabitha decided to play with noisy Little People toys, and there was incessant whining from "starving" children. Apples and a cookie did not suffice, so we had an early lunch. Tabitha wouldn't eat. William ate fast. Gabriella was the Pokie little puppy, but finally finished. Early naptime for Tabitha. William peed his pants and then went to bed crying that he "wasn't tired" and was asleep in 20 minutes. And Gabriella's "quiet time" consisted of showing me how to put her Polly poodle's skirt on and telling me all about her friend's Polly hamster and glitter haired Pollys and asking if I knew where her fairy was, and this and that and so on and on and on - it was far from quiet!
And now, like most days, nap time and "quiet" time are over all too soon.

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The Holloways said...

Oh Lisa! I can completely relate!!! I feel badly for your rough morning!

As for the quiet time, my sister in law puts an egg timer for a certain amount of time and has her little boy sit or sleep for that long--obviously he can sleep longer. But he can't come out until the timer rings. He has gotten to where he loves to hear it go off and will wait until then. Might take a few days for her to adjust, but it COULD work. JUST A SUGGESTION! Hope this afternoon was better!