Sunday, January 13, 2008

What NOT To Wear

Have you ever watched this show? Not me, but I have heard about it and I guess I would be a good candidate for it!
After I'd gotten dressed for church this morning, I was feeling pretty good. I was wearing a long, navy blue skirt that I don't wear very often because I don't have much that works with it. Today I paired it with a new shirt I got at Kohl's a couple weeks ago ($3 on clearance!). It was short sleeve, fitted, button-up white, with pink and blue stripes. I walked into the kitchen just as Gabriella came up the stairs. She took one look at me and this is how the conversation went:
Gabriella: Um, Mom, is that what you're wearing to church?
Me: Yes. (pause) Why? Is there something wrong with it?
Gabriella: Just that that shirt doesn't look good with that skirt.
Um, ok, whatever, I thought She's 5 and wears pink and red together - what does she know? A few minutes later, Rick came upstairs and I asked him what he thought of my outfit. He eyed me up and down with a funny look on his face. I knew what he was thinking. No good.
Rick: I'm not a fashion expert.
Me: I know, but just tell me what you are thinking!
Rick: They just don't look right together.
So I went to change. I picked out 3 options and went back and asked Gabriella for her opinion. The first was long sleeve, button-up, white with blue and black stripes. The 2nd was plain white fancy button-up. The 3rd was a creamy colored sweater. She immediately picked the sweater. I then asked Rick, first holding up one of the button-up shirts. "Honey," he said. "You are trying to put a business casual top with a formal skirt. It doesn't work." And he says he's not a fashion expert! I guess I never realized my simple skirt was that "formal." Needless to say, I wore the sweater.

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Jen said...

I'm disappointed my blog isn't listed as one of your favorites. :) I think it is great you are doing this. It is such a great way to keep in touch.

Love ya,