Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just Keep Going, Just Keep Going

Ok, so the day did get better (it normally does!). William and Tabitha were much happier after their naps. Gabriella's 2 friends (sisters) came over to play and entertained her. And I calmed myself with a bag of Hershey Nuggets Truffles - chocolate, yum! I ended up having Gabriella hide the bag from me so I didn't give myself a tummy ache!
Dinner tonite was Baked Potato Soup - just what we needed this snowy day! William took one look at it, and in true William form said, "EW!! I don't like that!" I replied, as I always do when he says this (most nites, except Mondays) "Yes, you do. We had it before and you ate it all gone!" And what do you know - he ate it all gone AND had seconds! I had to tell the kids what everything was. " The green things are green onions. The white chunky things are potatoes, and that is bacon and cheese on top." Gabriella kept talking about the "tomatoes" in her soup (potato, tomato). Tabitha found it humorous that she was eating her "Tatoe head" (which is what she calls the Mr. Potato Head that Grandma got each of the kids for Christmas) and I think she got more in her hair than in her tummy.
And then we put a message on our new answering machine. (I don't know what it was with my dear hubby, but for my bday he got me a new phone w/answering machine and a cell phone - does he think all I do is talk on the phone?) We were all pretty excited about the fun little message. So if you haven't already called us to listen, give us a ring! And if we don't answer, just talk away and most likely we are here, just letting the machine do its job and have some fun!

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