Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Three Marias and a Christmas Promise

Today I had a good cry. A bawl fest was more like it. Most of you know about my time in Ecuador too many years ago. For those who don't, from August 1999 - February 2000, I had the wonderful privelege of living in Ecuador as part of an orphanage volunteer group. As one of my Aunts said, I was like Mother Teresa - (which meant so much to me because Mother Teresa has always been one of my heroes!) It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Since then, the program has grown and developed and changed so much and monthly newsletters are now emailed to the alumni. It was this newsletter that I received today that brought on the waterworks. Just a small sampling of it: Imagine being the young age of 6 and knowing that your parents left you in a trash can when you were born. Or having seen your mother die, and then being sent to live with the nuns because Grandpa treated you so horribly, and having no idea where your daddy was but wishing and hoping everyday that he would miraculously return for you. And the joy of a new pair of shoes - brand new, that you get to pick out yourself - such a little thing that we all take for granted.
I can't go on - the tears are threatening to spill again. But once I got thru reading this story, I just felt as if there is something I need to do. But what? When Rick got home, as we were eating dinner, I attempted to tell him the story, but ended bawling again and told him he would have to just read it himself. I told him that I am ready for him to take me back to Ecuador (a dream of ours) so that I can bring that little girl, or a few of them, home with me. And you know what? My husband totally surprised me and said that it doesn't sound bad to him! Always before when I've talked of my dreams of adopting all my little Ecuador babies he has firmly told me No.
Now, I am not saying we are filling out paperwork or anything of the sort anytime soon. Especially since adoptions from Ecuador are on hold for the time being (pray that the government will have a change of heart!) But you never know.
Here is the link for those who are ready for a good cry - get some tissues first!


Annette said...

Is this the Lisa of Roberts??? Amazing how people find each other over the web. We are on Rachel's list too. We're listed as Mom and Dad.
I saw your mom recently. She said she bought a reception center. I want to go see it. It sounds wonderful.
You sound very busy doing all the right things. The time you spend with your children is time well spent. The time goes by and you can never get it back. Your kids are adorable.
Love, Annette

Jen said...


Wow! I think that it is absolutely wonderful that you guys are thinking about adopting a little girl. I am still so jealous of the time you got to spend in Ecuador. What a life-changing experience!