Saturday, September 13, 2008

I totally SUCK!

First of all, let me just say that I HATE that word! I really do! And I rarely, rarely say it! I hate it so much that in high school (when it seems it became such a popular, fun word to use), my great friend Jenifer Beth would say "inhales" - like, "That really inhales!" - just for me. Man, did she spoil me!

But this morning was a totally different story.

During July and part of August, I started taking tennis lessons. It was great, it was fun, it was a wonderful work-out and I was sad to see it end. So one of the other ladies in the class, Katerina, and I have been getting together early in the morning once or twice a week and playing. It is great, it's fun, and yes, a wonderful work-out, and a fantastic way to start my day, but let's face it - I totally SUCK!

Normally, I do ok - ok for a beginner, that is. Our first few times playing together, I would always win. Which was wierd, because I truly feel that Katerina is the better player. It must have been beginners luck.

My maind issue is serving. Normally if I screw up a serve, I can get it right on my second try. But I really don't know what the problem was with me today! Something was just off - more off than normal. Katerina got so many points and won so many matches because I could not properly serve the stinkin' ball! It would fall short and go into the net, or on the wrong side of the court, or out of bounds, almost anywhere but where it was supposed to go! I did much better when she was the one serving and I was on the defensive side - MUCH better!

I am now reminded of a line from The Emperor's Groove - "Dude, you threw off my groove!"

Let's hope that next week goes better - MUCH better!

On a little sidenote here - I have updated one of my previous posts (Randomness) to include a picture - so make sure you check it out!

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Misty said...

I agree, you just weren't in the groove. Some days the groove gets messed up, who knows why. Maybe it's a one step-back, two steps forward type of a deal. That is usually the way I do things. it's almost like I'm testing myself to see if I'll stick with something,even if I get discouraged.