Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Gabriella!

Today is the big day that she has been counting down for for over a month! Very exciting! We're having a "small" party after school today, taking a few friends to Chuck E. Cheese. I admit, I wimped out this year. I just didn't feel I had it in me to do some big party, with a fun theme, and fancy cake, like I have in years past. I've just been too busy lately. So cupcakes and fun at the mouse's place, it is! And she can't wait! So enjoy the slideshow of her 6 years of life and stay tuned for post-party pictures!

Happy Birthday, Princess!
and Happy 100th post, dear Blog!


Roy & Karen said...

Happy Birthday Gabriella!! I remember how excited your mommy ws when she found out she was pregnant with you. You a one special little girl. Give your mommy a hug for me.

Christy said...

happy birthday gabriella! what a cutie.

tina said...

Cute pictures of a cute BIG girl. Happy Birthday Gabriella!!

Master said...

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