Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I LOVE a good sale!

I love grocery shopping! Maybe that sounds silly - I know some people who hate it. But for me, it is fun and exciting to find awesome deals and spend as little as I can on as much as I can - and not just on groceries, but on anything and everything! It gives me this great rush when the cashier tells me "You saved $47.82" or whatever it was that day. And today was definitely one of those days! And I am going to brag about it!

This picture really does not show it all - in all there are a total of 73 items. There would have been more, but I only had 20 minutes to do it in (babysitting today and did not want to take 3 kids with me to do this!), so I just had to grab according to the quick list I made last night at William's soccer game. I will be going back to Albertson's for more before this sale ends next week! So, 73 items, ranging from milk, to muffins and granola bars and fruit snacks. And how much did I spend? First, let me tell you how much I did NOT spend - I did not spend $140 - which would have been the total before my savings. Any guesses? I'd love to hear them! Ok, so the grand total after my savings and coupons is:

$65.84 for all of this!
That is a savings of 53%!!!

And all of that will last us for a good while, too! I love saving money! Call me a cheap-o, I don't care, but really, I cannot understand how some people do not even care that they could save $75 on their grocery bill and so easily! I am already planning my next trip back!

Like I said before, I LOVE grocery shopping!


Rick M said...

way to go, honey. now i can buy that new truck i have been looking at. thanks for saving so much money for me to spend. (just kidding)

and your welcome for teaching you how to calculate percentages.

Rachel H. said...

I LOVE a great deal too...nothin' like it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey you, weren't you suppose to tell me when the sales were good??? You silly nut,what I am going to do with you??
Great job cousin, you are AWESOME!!!

Roy & Karen said...

You GO GIRL!!! I love to find a deal and then make it better with the coupons. We get the paper jsut for the coupons! It really does pay for itself. I like to brag to Roy and my mom of all my savings too. 53% !! I am impressed!!

Anonymous said...

way to go-now if you just had a store that would Double your coupons you might catch up to me!!!