Monday, August 18, 2008

1st Day of School

Today was a bit of an emotional day. My baby - my sweet little Gabriella - started school today! Her very first day of school! She was SO excited to go to school. She's been counting down the days for the last 3 weeks! And this morning she was up and ready so fast, just excited as could be!

Here she is just before we left home this morning

With William & Tabitha

When we got to school, she was so excited to see that her 2 best friends, our neighbors, sisters Madyson & Hannah were already there. Hannah is in 1st like Gabriella, but they are in different classes.

I think the hardest part was when I had to leave her there at school. We found her desk and then she just clung to me, nervous and shy. I did my best to not show her that I was nervous for her as well. So we snapped this picture, had one more hug and kiss and a promise to be there as soon as school was out and I left, fighting tears as I walked back out to the van. And then at home, I found myself constantly looking at the clock, counting down the hours, the minutes until it was time to pick her up! And when that time did come,s he was all smiles and happy and excited about her first day of school. Her favorite part of the day was lunchtime!

My little first grader - we are so proud of you, Gabriella!


Jen said...

How exciting! I can't believe she's old enough to be in school already.

Misty said...

I am so glad that she did so well! That is so exciting! It is so much harder doing this as the parent than as the child. I am excited, but nervous all at the same time for when my kids will head down this path. She looks adorable!

Rachel H. said...

Did she not go to kindergarten?? You said first day of school, so I am wondering if I missed something now.

Congrats though on the big firstday! HOORAY!!!!

Lisa said...

Nope - no kindergarten for her - You must have missed my post on Aug. 7 - "Thoughts for the Day"
We had her tested out.

Rick M said...

i love reading your blogs. you are so descriptive and fun to read. so, did you finish the cary grant movie? you ought to finish writing that book you started a while ago. see you in a few hours. love ya.

tina said...

What a cutie!! Congratulations on your 1st day of school. What a fun/emotional time!! I love your blog. I left my address on facebook for you.

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Congrats to G!! Hope you are doing well. She is getting so big and grown up!!