Monday, August 4, 2008

Birthday - Part 2

Further reasoning of why we call William "Bug"

He'd been playing at a friend's house and they ended up catching snails by the creek, which ended up in this cup on my kitchen counter, where they tried to escape, at which point they were promptly banished from being inside my house!

Here's a picture of him and his Dinosaur cake - I admit, I took the very easy route this year - no fancy cut-up cake. Just stuck a new dinosaur on top and called it Dino-licious! And as you can see, he loved it - he especially loved licking off the triceratops frosting covered feet!

For his friends party the next day I went even easier and did cupcakes with little plastic dinosaurs on top. I am always surprised at how many kids at parties do not eat cake and ice cream! What is wrong with kids these days?! :)

Here is just a fun picture of him and his friends wearing their dinosaur hats and making silly faces at the camera.


Anonymous said...

Cousin, he is getting so big. Don't let him show Trey those bugs. I HATE CRAWLING THINGS. Oh wait you knew that. Love the post!!!

Anonymous said...

first of all, EWWWWW!!!!!!!! How did those things get in your house? Yuck!
Looks like he had a good birthday and had lots of fun with his friends.