Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thoughts for the day

I want to quit this "potty-training" business! It has been going on for way too long! Ok, so maybe 2 1/2 or 3 months, whatever it's been, isn't that long. I read somewhere that on average it takes 8 or 9 months - what?! Gabriella was a few weeks. William was a month or so. But my Tabitha. I know that she gets it, but I think she is just lazy. She feels like she has to go and it doesn't come right away so she hops off the potty and a minute later, dumps her brown junk on the stairs. Nice.

School starts in 11 days. I can't believe it is almost here. Gabriella is SO excited and keeps asking questions about lunch at school (she will be in 1st grade - should she buy lunch or take her own lunch? and if that's the case then she needs a lunch box and is asking every day when we are going to get one (after school starts and they are on clearance for cheap!) She asks when we are going "school shopping" for clothes and shoes and things. I have never said that term to her. I knew it came from her older, more school experienced friends. But um, no, no school shopping for us. Personally, I think she has enuf clothes - not a ton, but enuf, we don't need our drawers overflowing, or 7 garbage bags full (that's how much a neighbor just cleaned out from her 3 kids rooms) of old clothes. So she gets a few new things that have been waiting for her to grow into them, bought on clearance when I've found great deals.
And then I wonder, did I do the right thing?! Was I right to put her in 1st grade with kids whose reading and math level she is on? Or should I have had her go to kindergarten, like she technically should be since she missed the deadline by 19 days? I really hope that this is the best thing for her socially and academically. August 18th is going to be a tough day for me.

Will my house EVER be organized and clean?

Will I ever get enuf sleep?

Last night we finally got our FHE in for the week - we haven't been so good on that this summer. But we went to a park, had a nice picnic dinner of fried chicken, pasta salad, strawberries, and lemonade. Then went for a walk in the woods. The kids loved it! We had never been there before and it was a fun new adventure. Before long we came to a clearing or sorts - a small dried field. And coming in our direction, hopping along gracefully were 3 deer - a doe and her 2 fawns. We stopped and I told the kids to be quiet and watch. The deer stopped and looked at us. They were maybe 50 feet away. Then Rick and Tabitha came up behind us and she shouted out excitedly and William moved and the deer quickly started hopping away. I loved watching their run - or their hop as I call it. The kids were so excited. We continued on, now following the deers' tracks, until we got to a rocky little ridge and then decided it was time to head back. It was such a nice, peaceful evening - we will definitely have to go on a picnic and explore the woods again!


Misty said...

I think you were smart. 19 days is NOTHING. There will be plenty of kids there that will be older than her by just a month or less. She will adapt just fine. I started kindergarten when I was 4, and my birthday was September 25, so I turned 5 soon after school started. I did just fine and didn't notice any difference. It'll be great for her. She'll love it.

Nichole said...

Gabriella will do great in first grade. And I know you will be a great mom and help push her along! We are sorry we didn't make it to William's birthday-you need to come swimming with us again to make up for it:)

Anonymous said...

will YOU ever get enuf sleep???????Um hello???????? i dont recall you have a colicky baby at home.....

And yes, Gabriella will do fine in school. She will just have to brown paper bag it for lunch till her cheapo mom finds a deal on a lunch box! (I'd do the same thing-good think Braxton is only half day so we dont have to worry about that this year-although i should prob plan ahead for next year) Although it will be sad that her and Braxton wont graduate the same year.