Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1st Day of School

(Just a little behind here!)

First day of school! Ok, technically not Gabriella's first day - she'd already gone a few days, but bad mom here didn't take a picture then! Oops! So here's the 2 on William's first day of Kindergarten!

Waiting for the bell to ring!
What a brave little boy he was!
But me on the other hand? I cried. I tried SO hard to contain it until I left him, and then I cried on the way home, and silly me cried when I picked him up and saw him come out the door, all happy and smiling.
And I just wondered Why? I didn't have any trouble at all when Gabriella went to school for the first time. And that was going to 1st Grade even! Maybe because she was SO ready. And he is just my little boy. My sweet little, sensitive little boy. Or maybe it was still just post-pregnancy/nursing hormones. Who knows.
But I am happy that both of my kids are LOVING school and LOVING their wonderful teachers!

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Christy said...

they're SO cute. i bet even though it's a little sad, it's nice to have them gone for part of the day and have a little break. i hope things are going good for you guys!