Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 2010

It's THAT time again.
A New Year - and that means New Year's Resolutions.
I've been reading over my list of resolutions for 2009, and evalutating how I did. Overall, I did ok - could have been lots better, like always, but not too bad.
Here's a recap of what I wrote one year ago:
1 - Keep up with the dishes. Overall I have done pretty good at this one - mostly. Yes, having a new baby kinda screwed things up for awhile (including a day a neighbor came just at the right moment when I was about to have a breakdown and she so kindly did my mountain of dishes and cleaned the kitchen for me) and slowed me down, but mostly I did ok with this one. Hopefully I can do even better this year!
2 - Piano lessons for Gabriella. Absolutely did NOT happen. In fact, I'd totally forgotten about that. Maybe this summer, we'll see.
3 - Scrapbook. I've done a little, but nowhere close to doing the first year of each of my children. I will definitely keep working on this when I can.
4 - Hair Bows. Again, I've made some, including some to go with T's Christmas dress that I was very pleased with, but not as many as I thot I would.
5 - Eat more fruits & veggies. This one I actually feel like I did very well with. Our family in general eats a lot better now than we used to and for that I am very happy. (and I only gained 32 pounds during my pregnancy, my goal had been 30, like I was hoping to!)
Now, in my defense, shortly after making these goals, I started working Full Time - something I hadn't been planning on doing the first of January. So that REALLY threw things for a loop. And then I had a baby. And I am going to start working again in 4 weeks, but this time I am planning on it and know what to expect so I can be prepared (and not use it as an excuse for next year!) Oh, and I will NOT be having a baby this year.
So, my goals for this year, for 2010 are:
1 - Continue with the 5 from last year.
2 - Make weekly Meal Plans. SO frustrating when it gets to be 4, 5 o'clock and I'm wondering "What's for dinner?" and asking the kids and I always get responses like "Pancakes" "McDonald's" "Pizza!" When I don't have anything written out and planned ahead of time, it is so frustrating! But when I do, we have yummy dinners at a decent time. And to go along with this, I need to take time in January to make a bunch of freezer meals to be prepared for when I start working soon.
3 - Attend the temple once a month. Really, it shouldn't be that hard to go, should it? Especially since it is literally up the road!
4 - Exercise. I've been doing more of this the last couple of months, but I really need to keep at it. I have a little bit of baby weight that I still need to get rid of and I want to overall be healthier and more fit.
And to go along with #4 -
5 - Compete in the Ice Breaker Mini-Triathlon. This scares me. It really does! I am not a great swimmer, biker, or runner! Rick did the Ice Breaker last year (and finished!) and plans to do it this year and I have been toying around with the idea of doing it with him. I figure if he can do it, I can do it - right?! It's in April if I remember correctly, so I really gotta get busy on goal #4!
Anyone want to join us?

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Taryn said...

I love your resolutions and that you actually look at the ones from last year:) I got a Wii and Wii fit for Christmas you can come over and "play" anytime while getting fit;)