Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It Is Time!

For these 2 to get in SHAPE!
(and I don't mean round!)
(Thank you to the Princess Tabitha for taking our picture -
I look terrible! I had just gotten back from my workout &
Rick was getting ready to leave for his)
Really - I'm just posting this for us - for me. A goal not written down is only a wish, right? So here it goes and here I will randomly do updates and see how we are both improving!
So, here's the skinny of it. Rick and I have both signed up for The Ice Breaker. It's a mini-Triathlon that happens on Saturday, March 20th - 2 months from today. 300 Meter Swim, 11 mile Bike (almost 1/2 of that being uphill! kill me now) and 3.1 mile Run (a good part of that uphill, too!)
Can I just scream? Am I totally and completely NUTS?! Those who know me well, know that I am NOT a biker, I do NOT run (in fact, in 6th grade was told that I couldn't because of my asthma), and as far as swimming - well, I can stay afloat, but breathing in the water? I don't think so.
And ok, so maybe I am on the skinny side. But that doesn't mean much. I am WEAK. I am a WIMP! But Rick on the other hand, is um, not quite what you would call skinny, but he is STRONG! That big guy there can run faster and longer than my skinny little weak legs can any day! He can bike twice as far, twice as fast as I can!
I was chatting with a friend about this the other day - how a lot of people have that misconception that Skinny = Fit. NOT TRUE!! My husband is a whole lot more "in shape" and Fit than I am. But watch out, Baby! That is about to change!
So - WHY do this to myself? To US? Well, for me, I vowed that after this baby (who is now almost 8 months old - cry) I WOULD lose the baby fat, I WOULD get in shape. And Rick has had a long term goal of that (and a Harley ride coming at him, too!) Oh, and we promised ourselves a cruise for 2 once he's dropped 100 pounds. So, NOW is the time!
Rick did The Ice Breaker last year. With very minimal training/working out, he DID it. He finished and I was so proud of him for that accomplishment. But now, doing it together, we can push each other, encourage each other, and hopefully we can do MORE than just finish!
And in doing it, we WILL get into better shape and hopefully create some good exercise/eating habits that will continue with us. And be good role models for our kids, too.
So, our training officially started 10 days ago. (I say "officially" because for the last couple of months we have been exercising pretty regulary on our own, but not like this!)
Rick is continuing with his Boot Camp class that he does 2 mornings a week, plus going to the gym to run, cycle, swim, whatever, at least 3 other days a week. And on the days when he isn't working right now, he is spending even more time at the gym.
I have started taking a 2 hour cycling/swimming class once a week. The rest of the week I jog/walk a mile (for now - I will get better and work my way up to 3!) and cycle for 11 miles (about 30 minutes) and/or swim laps. I'd also really like to get into the weight room, but I'm too chicken to go alone.
If YOU are in the area and interested in The Ice Breaker, go to
Starting Weights:
Lisa - 128 pounds Rick - 320 pounds


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you both! It will be fun keeping up with your updates!

Rachel H. said...

so proud of you for setting such an awesome goal! You can do it!!