Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hmmm . . .

Anyone else ever find odd pictures like this on their camera?

Or maybe something like this?

How about a headless child?

Or perhaps something like this?

If so, maybe you have ONE OF THESE at your house!

This little princess absolutely LOVES taking pictures!! She is always grabbing the camera or a cell phone and setting things up and clicking away. And she doesn't do all that bad all the time either!! Anyone have any suggestions for a child-friendly digital camera that doesn't cost a whole lot? The Princess has a birthday coming VERY soon! (You can see her birthday countdown chain hanging on the wall in the 2nd picture!)
Oh, and the crown was from Santa - I think it may be permanently stuck to her head.


Anonymous said...

i find crazy pictures too, but they are not from a princess but an almost 10 yr old boy!

Taryn said...

Tayla got this one for Christmas (in pink of course) ...
Not the cheapest out there but not bad, very durable and works good.

Kim said...

There are always pictures like that on my camera. I remember when I took a picture of my My Little Pony's when I was little and I got in trouble because it was back when it was all film and it was expensive (at least to our family of 7 kids).