Friday, January 22, 2010


Who could resist these handsome, silly guys?
(2 0f my 3 favorite boys!)

In the beginning, William didn't care too much to bother with Jackson. But now that Jackson is bigger and a whole lot more playful, William LOVES holding him and playing with him. (In fact, William and Gabriella often argue over whose turn it is to hold Bubba!) He is a sweet boy, loves to give compliments to his mom and sisters and girls at school, telling us that we are pretty or he likes our shirt. And he loves singing songs for us that he's learned at school.
Jackson is at such a fun stage!! He is almost 8 months old now! The time is going by way too fast for me, though. I just want him to stay little for a while longer so I can enjoy it all more. He is such a sweet, happy little guy. He takes great naps, going to sleep on his own, and is finally down to only waking once in the middle of the nite (thank you!). He is doing pretty good sitting on his own - a little wobbly at times still, and is trying to crawl! He does a cute little inchworm movement and can be halfway across the room in no time! And why is it that he is attracted to all the things he shouldn't have? Shoes, papers, cords, etc, are his favorite things to chew on - and with 2 teeth, you better watch out!

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Christy said...

fun to see this picture of your little guys! your description of jackson reminds me of lincoln. they must be only a few days apart. :) i am jealous of the waking only once a night-- lincoln still wakes up twice, and let me just say that that is actually a vast improvement from what it has been! once sounds like heaven! :)