Monday, January 25, 2010

Pushing my Limits

Today I ran (jogged) a mile. A full, stinkin' mile!
And I am proud of myself for it - VERY proud!
And then I cycled for 11 miles, partly uphill.
And then I tried to run some more.
But my legs had had enuf!
At the Fitness Center where I run, I have to do 13 laps around the indoor track to complete a mile. When I started a couple of weeks ago, I made it only 3 laps before stopping to walk. On Saturday, I made it 8 laps. But today I did ALL 13. And it felt great!
As I ran (jogged) I kept thinking how truly AMAZING our bodies are. We can do SO much more than what we think we can. The first 5 laps were pretty easy. Then I was feeling tired. I wanted to stop and walk many times, but I kept going. I pushed myself and pushed some more. And I did it.
Ok, now I know for a LOT of people, a mile is nothing! A friend's post on Facebook today said she was going to run 4 miles - 4! And here I am, all pleased with my 1. But I am because for me that is good - that is AWESOME!
And tomorrow I will do it again - and then some.
I have a personal rule that whatever I do the day before, I will do at least that much the next day, if not more. So from now on, it is going the full mile before stopping to walk - and working my way up to 3 of those miles!


Christy said...

way to go! i'm impressed.

Scott, Kelly, Liz said...

Go Lisa! You are doing amazing. I can't wait to get in shape again. Way to push yourself.