Friday, October 23, 2009

Goodbye Tonsils!

Monday morning, my little boy had his tonsils out! Or, as he was telling people, "Monday morning I am getting my tonsils cut out so I can sleep better!"
A few months ago, when I'd taken him in for his 5 year old/pre-K doctor check-up, our doctor was shocked at how big this healthy little boy's tonsils were. He suggested we see an ENT and think about having them taken out. So finally a couple of weeks ago we were able to meet with the specialist. He scheduled William for surgery for the next week.

Here is my BRAVE BOY just before they wheeled him away - all smiles (we only talked about the good, fun stuff - eating ice cream and popsicles, etc. - not the pain!) So he was excited!

Shortly after they brought him into the recovery room - AFTER he had gotten some pain meds and interested in the Disney Channel. Why, oh WHY, did they not give him pain meds while he was still out?! Instead it was 20 minutes of crying in pain, waiting for the meds and then waiting for the meds to kick in. He had his bunny buddy, Blueberry Blue, (who used to be mine!) with him the whole time - I thot it was so cute that they even put a big blue car bandaid on Blueberry's arm, just like William had on his (where the IV was). Poor kid - he was pretty miserable!

A few hours later, on the way home - calmed and relaxed (Drugged!) and hugging his new friend The Cat in the Hat that the sweet nurse gave him for being so very brave!

So, that all happened Monday. He is doing pretty good for the most part now. He HATES the nasty tasting pain meds and will NOT take it unless he is really hurting. So, sadly, there have been a few times of him being in pain, crying, and me just holding him until the meds kick in. He's starting to get a good appetite back and eating popsicles and ice cream. His teacher gave me some "homework" he could do and he has LOVED that - he loves coloring and practicing his letters, so that has been really fun for him to keep him busy. Hopefully Monday he will be able to go back to school.
I really hope none of my other kids have to go thru this!! He really needed them out, though! They were HUGE!! The doctor was so excited, almost like a little kid on Christmas morning, after taking them out - they were so big, they just made his day! But now, hopefully William will no longer snore, thus he will sleep better, and therefore he will not be tired and whiny all the time - an overall happier kid!

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Anonymous said...

Poor William!!! I hope he is doing better for you. Tell him I think he is very brave. I love his new little cat in the hat!!!