Thursday, August 27, 2009


I know I am behind - WAY behind - on blogging. Sorry.
Life's been a bit crazy the last few months.
And I blame it all on one sweet little guy.
But instead of playing catch up right now,
I am just going to post some random pictures
that pretty much summarizes what's been going on.
And one of these days, I will catch up. Promise.

I had my FIRST EVER Pedicure! And it was WONDERFUL!
I've never allowed myself that luxury, feeling it too frivolous a thing to spend money on.
But after a friend invited me and I turned her down and Rick encouraged me to go,
I jumped at the chance the next time she called! And my hubby even thinks it is a
pampering well worth it! So there will DEFINITELY be more of this in the future!
Thanks to Taryn and Rick, the best husband I'll ever have!

Here is that sweet little guy that has turned our world crazy!
We can't get enuf of little Jackson - who really isn't so little now - he is chunking up good!
Almost 3 months old now!
He takes great naps - as long as he's on his tummy!

This was Rick's little project a couple days ago.
I decided the microwave took up too much counter space so he took out the worthless fan that was above the stove and put in a little shelf -perfect! It does stick out a bit, but for now it works.

How does our Garden grow? Well, see for yourself!
This was our pickings from Sunday.
We had mashed potatoes and steamed carrots for dinner.
Also this week we've had stuffed peppers, Greek salad with zuchinni, tomatoes, and onions from the garden, and tonite's pasta will have fresh tomatoes and onions
and some zuchinni and squash on the side - yummy!
We have WAY too many tomatoes to keep up with - anybody want some?

We spent a wonderful week in Michigan, visiting the Meyer family - Grami & Gramps,
Uncle Pete & Aunt Lisa and son David, Great Aunt Ann - and all Rick's siblings
were there and his parents as well. It was a great vacation!

We spent 3 nites at a hotel on the beach - this is Lake Michigan.
And yes, my kids are in the PJs - it was our last nite and I had to get a family picture!
I have to say - I absolutely LOVED the beach! Jackson and I enjoyed a few romantic
late nite and early morning walks while everyone else was in bed. So peaceful!
Someday I dream of having my own beach house. Someday . . .

We went out for brunch with all the family one day while on our vacation.
Such YUMMY food that included a chocolate fountain!
This boy really enjoyed the chocolate dipped marshmallows!


Rachel H. said...

hooray for your pedi! And hooray for your newfound counterspace...and hooray for Jackson sleeping--even if it is on his tummy. :)

Again, it was so fun to see you. THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming!!

Anonymous said...

I need a pedi! I usually get one beginning of summer but just havent this summer. Way to go with the garden! I ma still hoping to get another zucchini or 2 so we can try zucchini pancakes!

Christy said...

lisa! i just realized that i lost your email address so can't invite you to my blog. email me at and i will get it done!

also, pedicures are the best! i have had only a few in my life but all have definitely been worth it! jackson is so cute. :)