Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The IceBreaker Recap - FINALLY!

Not the best picture, but sadly, the only one I have from the IceBreaker mini-Triathlon that Rick & I particpated in way back in March!

My weeks of training paid off - I finished!! No, I did not win anything or set any awesome records, but I DID IT!! And I felt dang proud of myself, too! I had such a HUGE feeling of accomplishment as I crossed the finish line and collapsed, crying, into my husband's arms.

My swim went pretty good - Rick & I were some of the very last ones (of about 200) to start. Biking could have gone better - there was a hill right at the beginning that really slowed me down! I don't like hills!! And I didn't quite have the gears on the bike figured out. I felt like I was the absolute last person finishing on the bike - LOTS of people passed me. LOTS of people on their run, passed me! Running after biking that many miles was hard! Especially going up that dang hill! Just as I started my running, another runner caught up to me and we chatted a little and kind of stayed together, pushing each other on for a while. I'd run a little, then walk some, run some mroe, and walk again. But I really pushed myself and I ran across the finish line!

My time was 1 hour 45 minutes - not too shabby for a first timer.
Rick's time was 1 hour 38 minutes - he beat his last year's time by 27 1/2 minutes!!

I am EXCITED to do it again next year!

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