Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gabriella's New Do

For months Gabriella has been asking, begging, to get her hair cut. And I wouldn't let her. She has such beautiful, long, thick hair. And I wanted her to want to cut it because SHE really wanted to. Not just because a couple of girls at school had gotten their hair cut!

I finally gave in. Sunday morning she reminded me that I had told her a couple days before that I would cut it for her the next time she washed it.
I tried to get her to be satisfied with just a few inches off, like we've done a few times before. But she wouldn't be happy with that. She wanted it cut just above her shoulders, but we comprised and settled on just past her shoulders. In all, it was about 7 inches we took off!
I know it isn't completely even, and the one side ended up quite a bit shorted than the other, which is why she has a bit of "layering" around her face, but I think it turned out quite cute!
And most of all - she loves it!

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