Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vancouver & the Oregon Coast

A couple of weeks ago we made the not very short drive up to WA/OR for Rick's brother's wedding. I was really dreading the drive, but the kids were really good - Jackson even decided that it was in fact, ok to sleep in the van - a small miracle!

Just before getting to Vancouver, we stopped here:

Multnomah Falls -
and hiked up partway to the waterfall

We also hiked this giant rock -
Beacon Rock.

The view from the top was gorgeous!
I am surprised at what good little hikers my
kids are - pretty happy ones, don't ya think?
Before heading to the coast, we stopped at OMSI - the Oregon Museum of Science & Technology.
The kids loved the dinosaur exhibit,

but the water area was their favorite!
They seriously could have played there all day.

And then it was on to the coast, near Astoria, where we stayed in a huge old Victorian house with a total of 29 people. It was crazy, and loud, and fun. And I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of all the wonderful people that we do not get to see near enough!
The wedding was on the beach, near the shipwreck of the Peter Iredale - and the weather actually cooperated!
Rick was one of the groomsmen - I thot
he looked hot in his linen suit & hot pink tie!
and Jackson is just always cute!

Here's my cute little flower girls and 1 of the ring bearers

and I just absolutely LOVE this picture of the girls spinning!

And again, that was about it of the pictures I took on the coast - not even a single one of the bride & groom!
Congrats Ross & Kari!
We love you guys!


Rachel H. said...

SUCH cute pictures! Am so glad you got to make the trip--it looks like a fun one! :)

Christy said...

great pictures of your kids on the beach! i love them. i'm glad you guys made it to the wedding, and that we got to see you the other night.

Rick Meyer said...

awesome trip, hun. beacon rock is actually 860 feet high, though.