Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bear Lake

Like most kids, mine LOVE the beach! So we went on another little beach trip, this time much closer to home! A couple weekends ago we picked up Rick in Logan and headed thru Logan Canyon to find us a camping spot for the nite.

We love camping, though it has been some time, and the drive thru the canyon was beautiful! We stayed at Beaver Creek and were lucky to get their last camping site! The kids had a great time "hiking" thru the woods around us, and cooking their own hot dogs and roasting marshmallows for smores. Jackson wasn't too keen on the whole sleeping under the stars thing, but finally settled down once we all went to bed.

The next day we went to "the beach" - Bear Lake - for some fun in the sun!

This picture pretty much sums it up!

Lots of Smiles - Happy Kids
Silly ones, too!

This boy was SO content playing in the sand

I think this little girl grew a fin!

We had a very fun day and the kids keep asking when we can go back! We used to go to Bear Lake every summer, sometimes twice during the summer, when we lived in Wellsville. It's been too long since we've been back so this was a very nice little treat for us! Hopefully we can go again later this summer.

And just for those who didn't know - for the last 2 months Rick has been working in Logan. He was hired on by an engineering firm there "temporary, but with the possibility of going permanent" (sound familiar?) So he drives up to Logan Sunday evenings, stays the week with his old childhood neighbors, and then comes home on Friday nites. Overall it is working out pretty good - of course we miss having him home, but we make the most of our weekends when we do have him with us, and are grateful for the work that he has.

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