Thursday, August 12, 2010

On the Move

In case you haven't heard . . .

The Meyers are Moving!

Rick's job in Logan, where he was hired on 3 months ago as a temporary employee, has turned into permanent employment! So we are moving back to Logan. Really, I do not want to move, but a job is a very good thing! and Logan is one of the places that we both like - except for those dang cold winters!! NOT looking forward to that! But I am getting really excited now for the move - except the moving and packing and cleaning part! :)

Things have happened really fast - we spent 2 weekends house hunting (where Rick and our realtor thot I was being a bit picky! what do they know?!) and have ended up with the first one that "made me jump up and down." That's what I had told Rick - I was looking for a house that would get me excited - and this one did. No, it's not the "perfect" house - but I think with any house, over time you will find things you don't like about it. But we are excited for it! It actually wasn't even on our list to look at, but one that the realtor (a different one than the one that thot I was picky) knew about from it being in his neighborhood.

That was the 24th of July weekend. Rick has already taken a load of stuff to the house - the owner was SO nice to let us move in before closing so that we would be settled before school started - and then let us have the keys even earlier than agreed upon! The plan was to move in on the 21st - at that time I thot that school started on the 26th. But then just a few days ago I found out that school starts on the 18th!! Oh My Heck!! What a HUGE difference a week makes in moving! So we are going to get as much done this weekend as we can and move up but will most likely be back to AF the next weekend to finish up.

Now if we can just find the perfect renters!! Or even some unperfect ones!

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Christy said...

how exciting! we would love to live in logan too. good luck moving!