Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Jackson!

Aren't those baby blues just gorgeous?!
Well, the day came.
The day that I have been excited for and wishing
wouldn't come, both at the same time.
My BABY turned 1!
May 30th was Jackson's birthday.
I can hardly believe it has been a year.
It has gone by WAY too fast & he is growing
WAY too fast! I wish I could freeze him for a little while!
But for now, I LOVE that he is not walking,
he's a great cuddler, and is such a happy little guy!
His Train Cake

We went to Rick's parents for dinner & to celebrate.
He was so careful digging in to his cake!

A few days ago, I realized it was too quiet -
you know the quiet I'm talking about!
And this is where I found Jackson - IN the tub!
No idea how he got in it, but he did -
and without making a sound either!

He was LOVING it!
This is a typical happy, scrunchy face - LOVE it!

Me & my little Bubba!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE this little guy?!
I am so lucky & blessed to be his mommy!

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Anonymous said...

such a cutie! Good job on the cake! And yes, this has year has really flown by!