Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Week Off From Facebook

So yesterday began the No Facebook for a Week Challenge. I saw one of my cousins was participating in this and decided for numerous reasons that I would too.

I think Facebook is great!
Really, I do.
But if you are like me, you find yourself hopping on several times throughout the day to see what the lastest is, who's doing what, who took their turn on what game, or who left a comment on your post.
And wasting so much time.
My oldest sister Laura recently said something along the lines of "Isn't that what all you little homemakey moms do all day?" (play on FB)
I definitely do NOT want to be in that category!
Yes, FB is fun. Yes, you can connect with old friends. But seriously, if you haven't had any contact with them in the last 10 years, are they really that important to you?! Is there really that much important stuff constantly going on?
Honestly, I really haven't missed it that much. And yes, I am getting more done and spending more time with my kids.
Yet, last nite & much of today, I find myself thinking in Facebookese.
Lisa Meyer is tired of cleaning up barf!
Lisa Meyer is LOVING her new washing machine!
Lisa Meyer - Oh no! Now the baby's throwing up!
Lisa Meyer is wishing my hubby was here to take his turn with the barf!
Lisa Meyer is tired.
Lisa Meyer needs a nap.
Lisa Meyer took the kiddos mini-golfing. It won't be happening again soon.
Lisa Meyer is cleaning up even more barf.
Lisa Meyer is excited for our trip to the Oregon Coast in a couple weeks!


Anonymous said...

hee hee....good for you! now you can blog!

Christy said...

i've never gotten into facebook because i know i could become obsessed and i feel like i don't need one more thing to waste my time on! way to go on doing the challenge. and happy birthday to little jackson! he's so cute. lincoln's birthday is tomorrow, yippee!