Monday, March 29, 2010


- I Survived the IceBreaker!! Not only survived, but I did pretty good for a newbie! It felt so good to cross that finish line and then collapse in Rick's arms and cry. Yes, he beat me. By a whole 7 minutes! Picture and more to come someday - maybe soon. But probably not until after April 15.

- I only have 3 weeks left of working! It's sad. I really like my little job. Especially Fridays - we go out to lunch every Friday. And I get paid for it. Pretty nice. But seriously, the time has FLOWN by! Last year it seemed to drag on and on and now I can't believe how soon the end is coming. It's sad. Really.

- I feel like I get nothing done on the days I am home. But really I do get a lot done, there is just SO STINKIN' MUCH of it that needs doing! Today my to-do list read something like this: Tennis, Schedule dentist appointments for the kids, renew my medicaid app for the kids, go visiting teaching, dishes, laundry, fix dinner, go to work for a couple of hours, take William to soccer practice, make some Usborne Books phone calls (want to host a party?), mop the kitchen/dining room, clean my bathroom, clean the main bathroom, and lots more. And that doesn't even count anything to do with the kids daily life! Rick's Honey-Do list (since he was not working today - sigh) was something like this: Clean out the Garage, dump the recycling, make a phone call. Fair?! I think not! So nice that I am learning more and more how to delegate things to him! He got to go to soccer practice with William, do the dishes, help with laundry, pick up kids from school and get them lunch, and tomorrow he can sweep and mop - if he's home. And the other half of my to-do list will have to wait until next Monday.

- I dyed my hair last nite. Saturday I got a good trim and thinning and then last nite turned out to be a mistake. My "Golden" Blonde is really Strawberry Orange Blonde. Good think I have a cute hat to hide under for a few weeks.

- We hung Easter Eggs on our cute little stick tree this afternoon - very festive and the kids were SO excited!

- I LOVE playing tennis! Yes, it was #1 on my list of things to do today. Gotta get my exercise in for the day. Priorities, Priorities!

- Tomorrow nite I am going with my good neighbor friend to the Taste of Home Cooking School! SO Excited!! This will be the 3rd one we've gone to and love every minute of it!

- My baby is too big. Plain and simple. I wish I could just freeze him at this age he is at - he is just too stinkin' cute! I CANNOT get enuf of him! Except for maybe at 3 in the morning. He army crawls all over the place so fast that why bother learning to do the real crawling thing?

- I made some brownies last week - nothin' fancy - just some Betty Crocker mix - and the last few minutes of baking I sprinkled with marshmallows and Andes baking chips - YUMMIEST brownies ever!! Made them for a little Girls' Nite of sorts I had and then hid the rest from Rick and the kids and munched on them in secret. Now I crave them. Think I need to make myself some more next time the hubs is gone! Shhh!!

- I think if I do that, I'll gain back the 6 pounds I've lost REALLY fast! At least it will be for a good cause, right?


Rachel H. said...

hey, a post! How about that!?!?!

Isn't it amazing how much moms do? Seriously, I think most husbands have NO IDEA...even the ones that help out some. It's never quite the same...

Glad you have your little job...sounds fun to get out for a while, eat yummy food sometimes, and get paid. :)

Anonymous said...

so nice when you CAN delegate....enjoy being home with the kids again!


Hi lisa, Great blogs! Of course I remember who you are! Thanks for commenting on my guest post @ joys blog!