Tuesday, July 22, 2008

There's a Mouse About the House

This is one of the kids new favorite books! As many of you know, I have recently signed up as a consultant with Usborne Books at Home (you can see the website at www.ubah.com/v2822) and this is one of their best selling books. The little mouse there on the front comes out and he follows the arrows all through the book, going in and out of the pages as he is searching for his cheese - really a fun, cute, and educational book.

BUT, this post has a double meaning. (It really is NOT a sales pitch!!) There REALLY is a Mouse about the house - MY House!! And I HATE HATE HATE HATE mice!! And knowing that there is one in my house just makes me sick!

Rick & I were watching a show on the computer Sunday night when he suddenly sat up and started looking around. I asked him what the problem was. He said that he thot he had just seen a mouse run across the room. No way, I thought. So he got up and went to the other side of the family room, looking around. I jumped up and ran as fast as I could to the other side and jumped up on the coffee table. He started laughing at me. We couldn't see anything, of course mice are great at hiding. So I told him to pick up the couch. He did, and the little mouse went running strait into the laundry room! And Rick ran and closed the door behind it.

"You are to find that mouse and kill it NOW!" Rick laughed at me some more. I HATE mice!! Memories of all our little rodent friends in our Wellsville home came flooding back to me - yuck!

So Rick set a couple traps and he checks them a couple times each day, but so far nothing. Who knows how the disgusting thing got inside int he first place, but hopefully he has found his way out and will tell all of his little mousey friends to stay away from here or they will DIE!

And, um, it might be awhile before all my dirty laundry gets done - unless Rick wants to do it.


Rachel H. said...

ICK, ICK, ICK! I hope that mouse sees his last piece of dirty laundry really soon!

And hooray for your tennis lessons! How fun! And a great workout on top!

Anonymous said...

EWWWWWW............I too hate mice! Remember when we caught one and I called you to find out what to do with it?

Misty said...

EW, YUCK! I hope he is gone for good.

On the book topic, I sell usborne books too! They really are the absolute best books in the entire world. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Alaina said...

We have that fun book and my darling Adrie tore that mouse in half. I need to find a laminator (or some good thick clear tape!) to bring it back to life.

FUN book though - and good luck with YOUR mouse!