Monday, July 14, 2008

Girls Camp

Ok, I am going to try and get caught up here a little bit!

2 weeks ago I left for Girls Camp - bright and WAY too early at 5:30 AM!! This year was Stake Camp and all the girls in the stake were mixed up according to what level they were. I was with another leader over a group of 10 girls - none that I knew. And they were quite the interesting group!

(WARNING: This picture was taken just before we left to go home - after 3 days and nights
of camping - we are all (missing 1 girl) pretty tired and worn out - and some of us a bit scary!
I'm the one on the left in the goofy hat!)

We went to a Boy Scout Camp - Camp Hunt - at Bear Lake. I was SO excited! I LOVE Bear Lake - we love to go camping and playing at the "beach" there. And my favorite year of camp when I was a teen was probably the year that we went to a Scout Camp, so I knew that there would be lots to do and tons of fun!

Mostly the girls in my group just wanted to play in the freezing lake - but we did get to try out Archery a few times, Tomahawk throwing (VERY hard!), we did a scavenger hunt using a compass, a timed scavenger hunt (and we won!), and got to go for a ride in the ski boat - very fun! And yes, LOTS of time spent playing in the freezing lake. A few of my girls were so excited when I braved the cold and swam out to the dock and then dived in and swam with them in the freezing cold, deep water, right after we saw a fish swim by! It was great fun!

Our last full day there we had an awesome experience - a Trust Walk put on by the older girls and their leaders. I'm not going to go into much detail here, but just say that it consisted of being blindfolded, following instructions, and going thru some obstacles. The whole point being that we need to learn to rely on our Heavenly Father and call on Him when we are in trouble. It truly was a wonderful experience. Girls who did not want to participate, ended up in tears (the good ones) and then told others "You HAVE to do it!" And I learned that I am way too stubborn for my own good (ok so that wasn't such a revelation for me!) and I really need to let my Heavenly Father help me out more that I do.

This is my group of Young Women and leaders from my ward,
just before the 3 hour drive home -

I was so excited to get to drive thru Logan on the way there and back - I miss Logan and it's surrounding areas. So many fond memories for me. That's where Rick and I fell in love, where he proposed and all the fun things he did leading up to it. We had fun times rollerblading around USU campus and drives thru the beautiful canyons. Our first home was there in Wellsville and though I HATED it when we bought it and moved in, I loved it and was sad when it was time to leave - Rick had done SO much work to it - it was our home - where we had our first 2 babies and learned so much.
I was really hoping to pick up some Bear Lake raspberries on the way home so I could make some freezer jam, but I guess it was too soon - there was a raspberry stand, but sadly, no raspberries. Hopefully we will make it to Bear Lake later this summer for our annual camp-out and can get some then!

I as a little nervous about being gone from my kids for 3 1/2 days - but I knew they were in great hands - Grandma came! They were SO excited and had been counting down the days until she came. I even called home on the 2nd day to check on them and I could tell they didn't miss me - they were having too much fun with Grandma! Thanks Mom for coming and watching them and all you did so that I was able to go to camp - you're the best!

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Yeah for girls camp!!! and yeah for grandmas!!! By the way mom i think it is my turn for another visit and hurry while it is still summer vacation........