Monday, July 14, 2008

A Big Owie

The main reason why I was worried about going to camp was because 3 days before, Tabitha got a BIG owie.

I was helping Gabriella with her piano practicing and William & Tabitha were playing behind us. I guess he tried pulling her up and over the arm of the couch and pulled her arm too hard. She screamed. But stopped after a couple minutes and I figured whatever it was that had happened, she was fine. But then she started screaming again and I soon realized what happened. her elbow had come out of place. Nurse Maid's Elbow. We know the signs - Gabriella had it happen to her the first time when she was about Tabitha's age, and then a few other times afterwards. I called my neighbor who is a PA but just barely missed him leaving for work. So it was to the doctor we went. I knew all it should take was a little twist of her arm the right way and all would be well. Our doctor wasn't in, so we actually ended up seeing my neighbor! And oh, how he tortured my little girl! Ok, not on purpose, just trying to get her arm back where it should be! He felt it pop in but she still wouldn't use it, so he tried again. Then we had to get X-rays to make sure it wasn't broken. It wasn't. So he twisted it some more. Then when she still wouldn't do anything, he got another doctor to look at it and twist it some more. He felt it pop in again! So we were finally sent on our way, told to watch her for 24 hours and if she still wasn't using her arm to come back in. Well, I waited 48 hours and still nothing. So back in we went to see my neighbor. This was now Saturday, 2 days before I left. And what do you know - he popped it in AGAIN! So the conclusion was that it mush just be very loose and kept slipping out. So they wrapped it and said to watch her for a few days and if still not using it then to go back in for more X-rays.

Here she is, big cheesy grin, with her "big band-aid"
and her butterfly bouncy ball after we got home.
And yes, after a few days she was finally using her arm little by little and was good as new by the time I got home from camp! So now we just have to always be careful with her - no swinging her around by the arms!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun and way to go rick for planning such a nice surprise! Poor little tabitha! at least she looks happy!