Monday, July 14, 2008

Las Vegas and a BIG Surprise!

I got home from Girls Camp about 1:00 Thursday afternoon and by 2:45 we were on our way south for the 4th of July weekend. One of Rick's best high school buddies, Kenny, and his wife and kids live in Vegas and invited us to come down. Now I really did not want to go, but we made a little deal that he get the deck done (or mostly done) and we would go. So I had time to shower - so nice after 4 days! - then unpack my yucky stuff, repack, and get all the little last minute things for the kids ready and off we went. I was SO impressed that Rick had not only himself packed and ready, but the kids were packed as well! Way to Go, Honey Buns!

So we were on our way for Las Vegas - or so I thot. Rick told me that he had a BIG surprise for we, but wouldn't give any hints, but Gabriella did - she kept asking if we were at St. George yet, so I figured we were stopping there for something. Then when I told her that we were passing thru St. George I saw Rick raise his finger to his lips and wink at her thru the mirror. So I finally got it out of him (by guessing) that yes, we were stopping in St. George, Kenny & Melissa were coming up from Vegas and meeting us there and we were going somewhere with them, and that I would not want to go to Vegas after the surprise. Oh - and Kenny and Melissa were bringing a babysitter with them - a 16 year old MALE babysitter! Ok, honestly that kind of worried me a bit. My kids have only had teenage babysitters maybe a couple of times ever and only for a couple hours and never having to put them to bed at nite. On the rare occasions we do go out at nites we swap babysitting with friends and are home by 9ish so the kids just go to bed a bit late. So yeah, I was nervous, and especially because it was a boy and I knew nothing about him! But, being the good sport, I decided that if Kenny & Melissa trusted him that much, then I needed to also. So I told myself not to worry.

We had a little bit of time before they got to the condo we were staying at (Rick's boss's) so we grabbed some Wendy's and then went for a quick swim in the pool - oh it felt wonderful!
Kenny & Melissa and their boys got there and then the 4 of us were off for this BIG mystery surprise. And I was definitely surprised big time!

Rick knows that I have always wanted to see Les Miserables. And he planned this all by himself! That is impressive! We went to the Tuacahn outdoor ampitheater in St. George - it was awesome - a little hot (about 95 degrees the whole time!) but just wonderful! I loved it - we will DEFINITELY be going there again to see more productions (probably not anytime real soon, but someday!) Thanks for a great surprise Rick!

It got over about 11 and when we got back to the condo all of my kids were still awake! I wanted to scream - they just would not go to sleep. For starters, one thing Rick did forget was the pack 'n' play for Tabitha - she has never gone to sleep in a regular bed. So I laid down with her, and Rick put the others in bed. Gabriella went to sleep pretty quickly (I think) but around midnite William came in my room, where I was still awake with Tabitha. I think we all 3 ended up falling asleep sometime around 1 AM or after. And what do you know - the kids were all awake bright and early at 7 AM!! I was one tired and grumpy mommy!

After a quick breakfast we were on our way for Las Vegas. Luckily everyone got a good nap either on the way there or after we got there - very much needed! That first day we pretty much just hung out and Kenny & Melissa made us a very yummy dinner of grilled pork, beer brats, pasta, fruit, all sorts of yummy stuff! Then we were off to see and do fireworks, which sadly I didn't get any pictures of. But I will say, I was disappointed in Las Vegas 4th of July fireworks - not what I was expecting, but still a nice little, short show and the kids had fun doing sparklers before.

Saturday we spent most of the day at Lake Mead, about 45 minutes from Vegas. It was SO hot! Near 115 degrees! But in the water it felt so good! Then you'd get out and immediately be so hot again! And it was pretty windy, too. But we all had a lot of fun - my kids LOVE going to "the beach" as they call lakes like this. It was nice that it was shallow for a good ways so we didn't have to worry too much about the kids going out to far - they had plenty of room to roam! Tabitha, Gabriella, William, Kayle, and little Kenny, getting dirty.
Gabriella's hair - proof of the wind!

Rick & buddy Kenny - Play nice, Boys!

Melissa with Kayle, Me with Tabitha, William, & Gabriella

We had a great visit and the drive home Sunday wasn't too bad either. The kids are definitely getting better at traveling. Thanks Kenny & Melissa for everything!

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Christy said...

way to go rick! what a fun surprise.