Monday, July 14, 2008

Afternoon Tea

One of my bestest friends from Jr High/High School - Jenifer Tomchak, got married Saturday, July 12th. As part of the festivities , she hosted an Afternoon Tea at the Grand American hotel in downtown Salt Lake City on Friday. I was privileged to be among the few that were invited. This Tea was the first time that the women in her family and the women in her fiance Rod's family were meeting. I loved his family! Such wonderful, classy women. I really felt welcome and we had a great time visiting and enjoying our fancy tea party (as Rick called it!) I wish now that I had taken pictures of all the yummy yummy food - little finger sandwiches (ham, turkey, cucumber, hummus, egg salad, some kind of seafood) that were so fancy and all SO yummy! English scones with lemon curd and strawberry jam, and dessert - wow!! Such a selection! I couldn't resist the lemon curd dipped in chocolate and the strawberries & cream. And my raspberry herbal tea was so refreshing!

This is definitely a must do! Such a great time and beautiful hotel! Thanks again Jen for inviting me - it was wonderful - when can we do it again?

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