Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tennis, anyone?

Yesterday I started tennis lessons.

I love to "play" tennis (rarely do though), but I don't know a lot of the rules, and I have no idea on the proper techniques.

So yesterday was just a real basic intro. There are just 5 of us in the women's only class (3 adults and 2 teenagers) and the 2 cute, much younger than me, instructors. We spent time bouncing the balls with our racket, trying to keep them in control (I was running all over!) and then we did play a little bit, with the focus on hitting the ball and getting it over the net.

Today was close to torture! To start with, I rode my bike. The high school, where the lessons are at, is only a few blocks from me, so I had Rick get my dusty bike off of its hangers in the garage, we cleaned it off, he pumped up the tires, and I was off. No problem. We started the morning doing a bit of ball bouncing again. Then we ran around the court a few times bouncing the ball with our rackets (reminded me of dribbling a basketball.) Then we were instructed on the fine points of the correct way to hit the ball, the front swing (I can't remember the right name now!) and the backhand swing.

We spent about 1/2 an hour running across both courts while the instructors, on the other side of each net, would lob the balls at us and we would hit them (or try to), then we'd gather the balls we'd hit (or hadn't) and do it again - over and over again, 1 person after another.

I am beat!! And then I had to ride my bike home and I wondered what possessed me to ride it in the first place. So I am now downstairs trying to cool off, drinking my glass of ice water and excited for tomorrow's lesson!


Anonymous said...

You go girl! I dont have the energy for that, that's for sure!

Misty said...

How fun! I have never even picked up a stupid racket! Enjoy, that sounds like a blast!