Monday, June 23, 2008

My Clothesline

I figured that since I made such a big deal about this - my Mother's Day gift this year that I have been begging for over 2 years, that it needed it's turn to show off!

Monday has become my unoffical laundry day - 4 large loads normally do it, with an occasional extra load during the week.

Not long ago, a good friend of mine asked me "Why?" Why the clothesline. She said that she just could not picture herself taking the time to hang all of her clothes out to dry, when it is SO much easier and convenient to just throw them in the dryer and in 1/2 an hour they are done. Good question.

First off, in Wellsville, I HAD to hang my clothes to dry. The dryer hook-up in our old little house was in the same place as the fridge plug in. So it was either a fridge or a dryer - not a hard choice! But I admit, in the beginning I REALLY grumbled! But that was in the beginning, in October, when it was way too cold outside and so I hung our clothes on a line that Rick rigged up in the attic. It took a while for them to dry! But once spring and summer came, I LOVED hanging them outside - I was so excited to hang them on the line that first time! For me, it was a calming and relaxing time. And I grew used to hanging my clothes and enjoyed it.

Second, it is better for the environment, and I believe, for the clothes. Now don't get me wrong here - I am by far a tree hugger!! But this year I have been making small changes to do things that are better for all of us. And now that I have my clothesline, that I missed so much, I am doing my very small part.

But on the other hand, it is so freaking HOT today!! I did a load of wash on Saturday, so only 3 large loads today. One is hanging, dry and ready to fold and put away, one is in the washer waiting to be hung and the 3rd, our nice unmentionables is ready to be put in the washer once it has been vacated. And so, since it is so very HOT today, those are going to be put in the dryer!


Christy B. said...

good for you! and that's nice you still have a dryer, so if you don't feel like hanging up the clothes one day, you don't have to. the only time i've really hung up clothes to dry was when i was on my mission. i also had to wash clothes by hand, and i doubt i'll ever have the desire to do either again. when we first got married, tom totally thought we could do without a dryer, because his mom always hangs up their clothes to dry. ha. kind of like he thought i'd be baking fresh bread every day. ha ha. let's just say he's gotten to know me a little bit better since then... :)

Rachel H. said...

WAY TO GO! I really do admire that--and I wish I could do the same (or at least have the amibition to!) You are awesome! (and I love the clothesline!)

Anonymous said...

Love the cloths line cousin!! Have fun the that laundry, I hate laundry day! See ya soon, keep the pictures coming!!