Monday, June 2, 2008

A Visit From Uncle Jason

Last Monday, Memorial Day, Uncle Jason came for a visit. He had driven down from Rexburg with some friends for the weekend and had some time to spare so he spent a good part of the day hanging out with us. The kids loved having him here. He had lots of fun constructing a maser marble tower - check it out!

Even though Tabitha's little eyes are scrunched shut, I thot this was the best picture of the ones I took - they were all just cute - especially Uncle Jason! Thanks for visiting - PLEASE come again!


Rachel H. said...

What a fun visit! I can hardly believe that is him!!!! WOW!! SO grown up!

Grandma said...

Yep, that was Jason's great College Road Trip! I prayed the whole time he was gone. (and my car even made it home safely!)

Anonymous said...

Glad all went well and everyone had fun with Uncle Jason. He sure is tall. What guy to take timeout and play with his nieces and nephew!! Score for you with the ladies!