Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grandad's 80th Birthday Party

Around bedtime Friday, I was feeling pretty good, so we packed up for Idaho, hoping that I would be well in the morning. I woke up feeling great Saturday morning - no more yuckiness or stabbing pains in my tummy. So we loaded the kids, bags of dry cereal and cups of milk to go, and we were on our way to Idaho to Grandad's 80th birthday party!
The party was in "the hills" as they call it, at Grandad's cabin. We had a ton of fun - especially the kids!

Here's Gabriella with Aunt Leesa going for a ride!

Gabriella, William, & cousin Brooke climbing the mountain!
They were such good little hikers!

And since Gabriella's face was cut off,
here she is picking the beautiful "flowers."

More 4-wheeling! These 2 little ones love it!
William later said that we needed to get one for each of us!
Um, not anytime soon Bugger boy!

The Birthday Boy!
Happy Birthday Grandad! Glad we made it!

And no, William was not in pain or screaming in any way
- just trying to smile around a mouthful of fruit snacks!

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Christy B. said...

that looks like so much fun! i'm sad we couldn't be there for all the festivities.