Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun at Grandma's

It had been 7 months since we had been to Idaho! I can hardly believe it! Thanksgiving was the last time we were there, but we haven't had a real reason to go - no weddings or babies or missionaries or anything like that and we've just been busy at home. So I was extra glad that I was feeling better and we were able to get the quick little trip in! (Sorry there are so many pictures!! I am trying to be very selective, but I took so many!)

The kids were so excited to get to go to Grandma's! (She doesn't come visit us enuf either! HINT HINT!!! She is coming soon though!)

Our first stop was at Uncle Joe Joe's house (my brother Joe!). Johnna (his wife!) was helping Mom with a wedding so we hung out with Joe & Zoey for awhile!

Tabitha LOVES her cousin! We have a picture of Zoey
on our fridge and Tabitha gets so excited looking at it!
But it was much better in person!

We interrupted Joe's Mario Kart when we got there so after he ]
finished that we went bowling - on the Wii.
Gabriella was the first one to get a strike!! Way to Go!

The kids all LOVE to jump - Jessie said that William looked like a bunny!
He said he was a kangaroo.

Gabriella was so excited when Jayden got there!
She ran to him and he picked her up and bounced her up & down!
A year without seeing him was much too long for her!
Glad we got to see you Jayden!

And more jumping!

My sisters!
Not all of them, of course!
Johnna, Me, Jessie, & Michelle

Thanks for the visits everybody - Wish we could have stayed longer!

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Rachel H. said...

HOW FUN TO GO HOME!! I only wish you had gone when we were in Idaho and we could have spent all week together!

I an hardly believe that is Jessie...what?!?! She has DEFINITELY grown since I last saw her! What a beautiful sister!