Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Little Dancer

Gabriella's Spring Dance Recital was Saturday night. She has had so much fun in dance class this last year - great teachers and lots of little dancing friends. I loved her little outfit for the dance - the music her class danced to was "Cruella De'Ville."

Here she is, striking a pose, before the recital.
(No, the boots were NOT part of her outfit -
just what she wore there! Pretty cute though!)

Here she is with her good friend Reese (in ballet shoes now!)
What little cuties they are! (and they posed themselves!)

Afterwards we out to dinner with Nana & Papa (Rick's parents). Rick said we should let Gabriella choose where to eat, but I thot we should give her a couple of options (I did NOT want to go to McDonald's, which is where she has been begging to go for quite some time!) So it was between IHOP & Winger's. She chose Winger's. We have only been there once before, but the kids loved it! I think their 2 favorites things there are the never ending bowls of popcorn and the package of Curious George fruit snacks that comes with the kids meals. And tonite we even had dessert - a big slice of yummy cheesecake and a great big piece of Asphalt Pie - SO YUMMY - the kids were fighting over it. I thot it was hilarious watching them eat these huge spoonfuls of whipped cream!

And my little crazy Tabitha - she was being such a nut by the time dessert came! I don't think she really ate anything except popcorn! She probably downed 2 bowlfuls herself! She got very vocal and began making little Indian noises - what a nut!

And one last picture of my dancer - I think Rick got a great shot!
Pucker Up!


Anonymous said...

Very cute-I always wanted to take ballet!

Jen said...

So cute! I remember those days. Gabriella is too cute and she knows it. Better watch out! :)

Grandma said...

I wish I could have been at Gabriella's recital! Boo-hoo! She looks so fancy!

Anonymous said...

She is looking very grown up!