Friday, June 13, 2008

Crappy Crappy Crappy!

That's been my day today - literally! And it has ruined so many plans!
Back up to last nite - I was at Youth Conference with our ward - watching them build a floatable boat out of milk jugs, pitching tents for camping in the canyon, learning the art of roasting Starburst for the first time (interesting, I know), playing Steal the Flag, and being kept awake by loud shrieks and singing until after 1 AM!! It was a great time - ok, maybe not so great at 1 AM when I desperately wanted/needed to sleep! But a great, fun time overall.
I had planned to stay until just after lunch today, then drive myself home (it ends tomorrow), then Rick & I would pick the kids up from their slumber party at Nana & Papa's (I doubt much slumbering happened there either!), drive to Idaho Falls and stay at Grandma's (whom we haven't seen since Thanksgiving! Terrible, I know!) and then help celebrate Rick's Grandad's 80th birthday tomorrow, and then drive back home Sunday afternoon. It was a great plan for a fun, busy weekend.
But instead, I woke up this morning at 6 (I always wake up early when I am camping). I had planned to go for a morning run (a very recent hobby of mine), but as soon as I got myself out of bed, the tummy pains that I had previously thot were hunger pains, got so much worse. So I sat by the fire pit (no men up yet to get that going and I'm not much of a Girl Scout) for a bit, went to the bathroom, wishing I could throw up and then feel better, but I didn't - then back to sitting by the fire pit, followed by another trip to the bathroom and then yes, finally, puking my guts out - or so it felt. I had expected to feel better after that, but oh no. An hour later I was back in the bathroom - this time for a different reason (I won't go into any more detail here - I'm sure from the title of this post - "Crappy Crappy Crappy" - you get the picture!) And so my morning went. Sitting around the fire (yes, a Boy Scout got up!), going to the bathroom, back to bed and shivering, to the bathroom, back to the fire, bathroom, fire, bathroom, fire, watching everyone else eat french toast and bacon (my favorite!), bathroom, fire, and on and on.
I decided it was time to call it quits. I dreaded driving home - alone & thru the canyon (no rest areas or gas stations with bathrooms!) but I was miserable and wanted nothing more than to crawl into my nice, warm bed at home and take a nice, long, hot shower.
So I packed up and headed out a few hours earlier than planned, praying the whole way that I would not have to stop until I was home. It worked! I made it the 65 minute drive home and then as soon as I walked in the door it hit me! I RAN to the bathroom, barely making it in time! Then crawled into bed to catch up on some of that missed sleep - only to be interrupted by the phone 4 times!! Yes, 4 times in 2 hours! My phone barely rings 4 times in 1 week!! But word got out that I was sick and caring people wanted to check on me. I did get a couple little naps in between - it's no fun being a light sleeper!
So I got a little rest, got my shower, got accused of being pregnant twice (NO! I am NOT!), and got to enjoy a quiet, empty home while doing that. BUT I did NOT get to go to Idaho, I do not get to see my mommy or celebrate Grandad's birthday with him, or enjoy those 4 hours, each way, in the car with 3 sweet little angelic children (sarcasm here!) Speaking of which, they just got home!!
Oh - and I am feeling somewhat better now, too! Somewhat - it's been a couple of hours since I've had to go to rush to the bathroom! But I still get these sharp, sudden pains in my stomach that feel like someone is stabbing me with a knife and twisting, twisting, twisting . . . Oh well, I'll take that over rushing to the potty any day!


Christy B. said...

oh man lisa, that totally stinks! hope you get feeling better soon!

Rachel H. said...

What a TOTAL BUMMER--no pun intended! :)

I hope you get feeling better and get some much needed zzzzz's.

Grandma said...


Roy & Karen said...

I'm so sorry! I hope you feel up and chipper again very soon. I miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Sorry i called.
Sorry i accused you of being prego.
hope you are feeling better now that you got to go to Idaho.

Anonymous said...

Cousin, Cousin, Cousin, I love you!! So sorry that you were sick and for calling, but you know that I call EVERYDAY!! :) You so got to love me. love ya cuz

Alaina said...

I am SOOO sorry! It sounds sort of like the 24 hour stomach bug I had - STINKS huh! So so sorry, I have empathy for you. Glad you're feeling better!