Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Nakey Baby"

That is what Tabitha says whenever she is all, or partly, naked. And this is what I found when I checked on her Saturday afternoon.

Last week we began "The Battle of the Binky." Tabitha is our only baby that has ever loved a binky - and oh, how she loves her "minky!" Tuesday last week, I was gone and Rick was putting the kids to bed. He could not find the one and only binky and the poor little baby girl had a very hard time going to sleep. Of course, I found the binky as soon as I got home, but Rick decided that is was time to say Bye Bye to Minky. He felt Tabitha was ready, I did not. Yes, WE are ready for her to be done, but I was not looking forward to the next few days. She did pretty good at night times, but nap times were a different story. And I had to deal with it on my own. She would ask over and over "I need my minky - Where's my minky?" And I would just tell her it was gone or it was lost. And she would take an hour or more to get to sleep or not go to sleep at all.
So Saturday I laid her down and she immediately stood up and started crying - this sad, pitiful cry, tears streaming down her cheeks. I tried consoling her, but as soon as I'd leave her room, she'd start all over again. Ok, I decided, it is Daddy's turn. So Rick held her and hugged her and calmed her down and tried to put her back in bed, but no luck. I tried laying down on Gabriella's bed with her, but she just wanted to play. Then Joy called (yes, again) so I was talking and Tabitha got up and was playing. More than an hour after I had first put her in bed, I put her down again, this time there were no tears. But when I checked on her about 20 minutes later, that is what I found! Isn't it sweet how she is practically kissing her wet diaper?! Luckily she hadn't done anything since she took it off!
To finish up the "Minky" story, yesterday was another terrible nap day. Took her almost 2 hours until she'd go to sleep, lots of tears, and a frustrated mommy who was about ready to give it back to her! But I didn't!
Now just to clarify a little - I always said that my kids would not be walking around, talking with a binky in their mouth. Well she doesn't - for the past year it has been for bedtimes only. Ok, so maybe we've spoiled her a bit - she is our baby, even though she is over 2 and walking and talking with the rest of them. But she is just SO attached to it - she has to have her minky, her blankie, her beary, and her milky (she likes to add 'y' to the end of everything!) when she goes to sleep. Like I said she is just a little spoiled!
So back to yesterday - I did not give in and give her her binky. Nope, not me. But just before bedtime, hugging her daddy, she saw it hiding on the kitchen counter! She was SO excited, laughing and saying "My Minky!! I found my minky, Mommy!" Rick and I just looked at each other and laughed. I told him that he was putting her to bed and he could choose what to do, and if she had a hard time going to sleep, and cried those sad, pitiful tears, he got to deal with it - I'd had enuf for one day.
I did not give in and give her her binky yesterday - but her Daddy (the one who thot she was "ready" in the first place) did!
Yep - she definitely has him wrapped around her little finger!


The Holloways said...

Leave it to the dad! :) Hope all goes well with your binky removal system! Now, if only I can face bottles the same way!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe he did that! Now its just going to make it harder to get rid of! Oh and i didnt realize the diaper was in her crib-too funny!

Anonymous said...

I love it, cousin!! Those daddy's and their girls, I tell you watch out! But you already know that, I am just learning that one! Thanks for the warning, your the best!! Tell Rachel I said hello!!

Brooke said...

The binki situation is not a fun thing!! I wish you luck!! We tried to take JaDee's away and she would not stop crying so we are gradually starting to cut the nipple off!! Hey it's working but she still has to hold it!!! But at least she can't suck on it cuz there is not much of a nipple left!!

Christy B. said...

oh, that's so cute. i can just picture those sad little tears, poor girl. i can imagine that it's hard to get rid of the bink.